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Automatically Install Alpha Behavior For Unconscious Female Attraction

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Thank you George for providing this extremely powerful, valuable course. It has given me a real insight into human behavior and how we can make changes that have positive affects on our lives. Your course has definitely made me more aware of how to interact more effectively and confidently with others.


The sessions contained in this course provide an informative and concise explanation of why so many of us fail to attract certain people into our lives. It also provides a solution to prevent this common problem and opens up opportunities I never imagined were possible.


I would recommend this product to anyone who feels awkward in group situations or with certain individuals and don’t know why or how to deal with these situations. The information and techniques included have given me much more confidence because I now understand how to interact more positively with others and can now use your techniques to help me do this.


-Shane Connolly


George man, you’re overwhelming me here with info. I’ve got your covert sales hypnosis, wealth hypnosis, Milton language drills and now I just have to have this one also. Whoop whoop love your stuff man!


-Tyrone Oliver


What Is Attraction?

Creating attraction in woman is a worthy goal. No matter where you are in life, or how much success you’ve already had, there’s much more to achieve.

Developing desire in women is something that happens automatically. Unconsciously.
Sure, there are some things a woman would “like” to have in a guy. Those things when they’re sitting around with their girlfriends going over their “shopping lists.”

Then there are those things she responds to. Those behavioral elements in certain men (often the type she doesn’t “think” she’d be attracted to) which make her unconsciously and irresistible attracted.

As I’m sure you know, attraction isn’t a choice. You can’t choose which girls you are attracted to, and which ones you aren’t.

When you walk into a social situation, you don’t need to pull out a laundry list of physical qualities so you’ll know who’s hot or who’s not.

You just know.

Naturally, so does she.

But, contrary to what many guys think, looks and wealth have little to do with it.
Sure, they help. But they can also hurt.

The truth is that which makes women irresistibly attracted to men had already been programmed into their DNA long before money was even invented.

What Do Women Want?

Women are attracted to certain behavior elements.

Certain things some call the “Alpha Male” characteristics.

But what are they? Being loud? Having big muscles? Putting her in her place? Having a list of memorized “negs” to inflate your ego?

Remember, all these are unconscious. As unconscious as your desire for those girls you like the most.
This means that once you develop these behavioral elements, you’ll easily and automatically create attraction wherever you go.

However, since these are unconscious, they present a problem. Simply knowing what they are won’t help.

It’s like saying, “Be Confident!”

Easy to say, hard to do.

Which is exactly why this audio course has two parts.

Audio Brain Programming


Alpha Hypnosis


Part One – For Your Conscious

The first part, the coaching session, is designed for your rational mind. Your conscious mind. Your logical mind.
It helps to understand what drives attraction in women. Where it came from, and why it’s not what a lot of people think it is.

Once you understand what women really want, on a deep and unconscious level, you’ll be able to cut through the social B.S. like a hot knife through butter.

Part Two – For Your Unconscious

Of course, knowing what these traits are won’t do jack unless you can consistently demonstrate them. Sure, it helps to know them, but wouldn’t you rather just cut to the chase and start attracting the girls you’d like?

That’s why the second part, the part designed for your unconscious, will install these behaviors and beliefs on a deep and unconscious level.

Frame Control

The biggest element is frame control. It’s one thing to walk up to a girl and spit out some memorized lines and openers. It’s something else entirely to be able to hold your frame when she starts testing you.

In fact, the entire reason she tests you is to see if your frame is “for real.” The truth is that, on an unconscious level, she wants to be attracted to you.

She Wants You To Pass Those Tests

And when you’ve got a strong frame, you will!

But this simply cannot be faked. When she tries to rattle you, you’ve got to feel, on a deep and unconscious level, that you really ARE a true alpha.

Not a pretender.

Which is exactly what will happen once you get this course. You’ll not only understand what women are attracted to, on a deep unconscious level, but you’ll have the technology at your fingertips to install these behaviors on a deep and unconscious level.

Whatever “resistance” you encounter in the world, that knocks you off balance, with this hypnosis session you’ll systematically neutralize them, giving you more social power and confidence than you ever imagined.

Once that’s done, all you’ve got to do is show up.

Get this course now, and get started.

Understand and Install Behaviors To Create Unconscious Attraction in Women



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