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Why do we do things?

If you’re like most folks, we have this belief that our conscious, logical minds are in control most of the time.

Sure, we may “give in” to certain emotional temptation from time to time, but mostly we’re in charge of what we’re doing, right?

Mind Triggers of Influence

Emotional Triggers

Unfortunately, cognitive scientists (guys who study the brain) are starting to realize that our emotions play a MUCH bigger part then most of us would like to admit.

Most people don’t realize it, but a lot of us are being led around by our emotions, and we don’t even know it!

But guess what?

Certain groups of folks have known this for YEARS! And they’ve been taken advantage of us to make HUGE sums of money, and gain INCREDIBLY amounts of control over our lives.

Getting us to buy things we really don’t need, sign up for crazy belief systems, and let them do our decision making process for them.

In fact, the nephew of the famous Sigmund Freud (the father of psychiatry), Edward Bernays KNEW this, and used it to teach advertising companies and politicians how to control us like SHEEP!

It doesn’t end there.

Many top salespeople and marketers of some VERY successful companies are aware of these tactics, and have been using them to line their pockets for years.

Have you ever wandered into a particular store, and you really were just looking?


I’m Just Looking…

But only after a few minutes of talking to a salesperson, you suddenly felt compelled to pull out your credit card and start spending?

Or how about those informercials? You certainly wouldn’t buy anything from those guys, would you? (I’ve got a whole kitchen full of JUNK! lol)

Sure, it’s loads of fun to live life in the moment, and enjoy yourself. But if you’re like most people, you ain’t got extra piles of cash hidden at home.

With the economy getting worse every day, we’ve got to keep close tabs on our spending.

That’s why understanding these triggers is crucial.

But just as you can use these to defend against unethical persuasion, you can use them yourself to persuade others.

So long as you’ve got the interest of both parties in mind (yours and theirs) you’ll be absolutely AMAZED just how easy it is to use these triggers.


Ancient Origins

Based on our long evolutionary history, these triggers used to serve us very well.

The problem is that our human environment changes much more rapidly than Mother Nature can keep up.

I’m sure you can understand this.

What was important to our ancestors, on a day to day basis, doesn’t work so well today.

Here’s a brief example to see what I mean.


Why Controlling Our Appetite Is Hard

In the old days, there wasn’t food everywhere. Sometimes they went for days between meals.

That’s why our ancestors developed a HUGE instinct to eat when they saw food, hungry or not.

That kept them fed enough to last through the lean times.

Naturally, that instinct doesn’t help us out in the modern world, with a fast food joint on every corner.

Have you ever been in a situation where you KNEW you really shouldn’t eat any more, but you just couldn’t help yourself?

That’s what happens when our conscious, logical minds are taken over by our instinctive minds.


Not Just Food

And that’s where ALL of these mind triggers exist, in our instinctive minds.

And just like it can be hard to resist eating, it can be hard to resist buying things, voting for politicians, and even joining cults when those triggers are being hit on purpose!

Like I said, those guys have been doing this for YEARS!

Ever wondered why we buy so much junk we don’t really need?


Now You Know!

In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what these triggers are, where they came from, and how they work.

This will give you an incredible advantage not only when it comes to persuading others, but being able to resist manipulation as well.


Questions To Avoid Manipulation

Not only that, but you’ll also get a handy sheet of questions to quickly run through before making a big decision (or a small one for that matter) so you can decide for yourself if you’re doing something for YOUR reasons or for somebody else’s!

This alone can save you thousands of dollars a year. You can print it out and take it every time you go shopping.


Questions To Enhance Persuasion

You’ll also get a handy list of questions to help you frame your ideas, whatever they are, so that they’ll be MUCH more likely to be accepted by your target!

No matter who you’re talking to, and what your intentions are, just a few minutes glancing through these questions will turbo charge your communication so they won’t be able to resist!

Of course, for bigger persuasions, like getting that big sale, or creating that perfect relationship, it might be better to spend a bit more time with these questions. That will prime your brain so you present your ideas in the best way possible.

You’ll be MILES AHEAD of most people who have no clue that these triggers even exist!


Please Use Carefully!


However, I MUST warn you. These are incredibly powerful. Just like you can drive an ambulance or a getaway car, how you use these will determine their outcome.

These very same triggers have been used by horribly evil cult leaders and dictators and have brought entire nations to ruin.

They’re THAT powerful.


Your Choice

But when you use them with integrity, there’s no limit to the good you can create with these.

Download your guide today, and uncover the ancient secrets of unconscious persuasion.

You’ll be able influence with ease, and you’ll NEVER be taken advantage of again!


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