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Once you learn these incredibly powerful techniques, you’ll be approaching girls and creating attraction like nobody’s business.

You can either use these powerful language patterns on the girl of your dreams to create your ideal relationship, or you can use these patterns on random strangers to create incredibly intimate and thrilling hookups that she’ll never forget!

Not only that, but you’ll be able to use these on yourself, to eliminate all fears and anxiety, so walking up to any cute girl you see will feel completely natural.

What will I Learn?


  • The Boyfriend Issue. Truth is that most girls say this out of sheer reflex. You’ll learn some incredibly powerful techniques that will vanish her thoughts of any other guy quicker than dry ice in a volcano!
  • Irresistible Number Close. Getting numbers will be a piece of cake after you learn just some of the techniques here. Pretty soon you’ll pick up numbers easier than tying your shoes – giving you MUCH more choice in who you spend your valuable time with!
  • Texting Magic. Once you get her number, you’ll learn how to get her BEGGING to go out with you after only three short texts.
  • Sales Funnel Secrets. It’s no coincidence that filling your pipeline with ready to rock ladies is a lot like sales. You’ll learn the secrets to quickly filling your phone with so many girls you’ll be able to choose whoever you want, whenever you want.
  • Escalate Without Rejection. You’ll learn the signs to look for that tell you it’s all systems go, full speed ahead! This will ensure you NEVER get rejected again!
  • Self Hypnosis For Self Confidence. Explode your self confidence with some quick and easy self hypnosis tricks. Pretty soon you’ll be able to walk up to any girl, any where, any time and get her begging you to ask her out.
  • Ideal Relationship. Let’s face it, we’re all looking for that special lady of our dreams to help us to create the life that we want. By dramatically improving your skills of attraction and seduction, meeting her will be easier than ever!

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Free Hypnosis Tools