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Learn To Covertly Obliterate Objections and Limiting Beliefs

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George has hit the nail on the head with this one!

80 pages of pure power…
I have been doing sales online and offline for years and for the past 16 years my main offline job is teaching people in the trades how to deal with customers and overcome sales objections, it’s challenging and at the same time frustrating because in the real world you never come across all the possible objections to a sale in the short time I get to spend with trainees, George has solved that problem.

George’s guide teaches you not only how to deal with face to face objections (perfect for off liners) but how to use the skills he teaches in everyday situations when dealing with the public. George’s system goes far beyond the offline market though, anyone writing copy for their blogs, websites, e-mail marketing, lead capture page, sales page, EBay sales, Amazon sales, twitter, facebook just to mention a few, anywhere any place your trying to capture a sale or close a deal this system will benefit you.

No more need to hire expensive copywriters to give you that perfect sales copy when you can do it yourself with the right techniques and increase your sales increasing your profit.

George’s system will allow you to deal with objectives without even having contact with buyers beyond the words on your pages, keep them or put them in that “click buy” moment by solving the one problem all buyers have, they don’t trust their own instincts and have self doubt about their decisions, you now have the ability to help guide them in the right direction.

In conclusion, I must admit that when I first seen George’s guide I thought to myself “what could he possibly show me about sale that I don’t already know” I must say that I was wrong, I take away from his training some great techniques that I’ve never seen before and even more confidence.

Thanks George,

Angle Warrior


I’m just speechless!

I wasn’t expecting much from this guide…

And it might sound cliche to say this but…

My mind is blown!

Forget everything you’ve thought about sales, persuasion, NLP or even WSOs!

There’s lots of “wannabes”who promise the moon and fall flat on their face like a drunk booze hound during happy hour.

But this is different.

George has packed more solid value into this training then countless 997$ courses I’ve ever seen.

And the best part? The patterns work 

Everything inside is simple to understand and play with….

Your mind will be swimming, just like mine, with ideas to apply these to every aspect of your business and life.

And if you’re thinking this is nambee-pambee “beginner’s stuff”…guess again.

Ever read or watch something and know your world’s been changed drastically for the better?

This is what will happen to you once you take a look through George’s Objections Destruction.

This will help you increase sales face to face (or online)…build business strategies….even win arguments elegantly with friends. 

George…whatever you put out next, I’ll be there with bells on to buy it right away. 

Man…I feel like I owe you money just for reading this. 


Daniel Sanchez


George, all I can say is,- WOW!

Fellow Warriors, if you are looking for another WSO that promises $10,000 in 10 days, by using Google tricks, magic software, SEO or Social Media,- forget it. This ain’t it. Objection Destruction is far more valuable!

The fact is, we are all salesmen. Some people sell shoes. Some sell religion. Politicians sell politics, and many Warriors sell SEO and web design services. But we are all selling SOMETHING.

So what is George selling? George is selling the tools to make our sales efforts more effective and our outcomes more predictable. Objection Destruction teaches life skills that enable us to eliminate obstacles before they come up, by anticipating typical human responses that often impedes sound decision making.

Why do I call these “life skills?” Because Objection Destruction is about more that just communication skills. It is NOT about manipulating people into acting against their own interests. It’s about communication that is so clear and so powerful that persuasion and positive results are almost guaranteed.

George doesn’t promise effortless results from just buying and reading this report. He warns that it takes practice and effort. In this case, the practice is fun. You will enjoy trying out these covert techniques and experiencing their effectiveness.

I have bought many WSOs. Many of them were packed with solid information, and some were absolute duds. I have to say that Objection Destruction is by far the most enjoyable read, and the most useful tool that I have seen in a WSO. Its business and personal applications are far beyond anything I’ve seen on this forum. 

Buy it, read it, apply it, and enjoy more sales success and more personal success. Thank you George!

thataway (From the Warrior Forum)


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Dear Friends:

Persuading’s about to get easier. A lot easier.

If you’ve ever sold anything, or suggested anything to anybody, you know what an objection is.

It’s those barriers between where you are and what you want.

They work like this:

You make a suggestion.

The other person?

They say something like, “I don’t know… I need to think about it…

You’re sure that you’re idea will work. You’re sure you’ve got a good product. You’re convinced that if they simply do what you say, they’ll be MUCH better off.

Only they don’t see it that way.



Whether you’re trying to get your kid to clean their room, get a girl’s number, or get your customers to buy this ebook that you KNOW will help them MAKE TONS OF MONEY, they simply can’t make a decision.



We’ve all heard them. They come up after even the best presentations. When we’re SURE that buying this is a no-brainer:

I need to think about it.

I’d like to shop around.

I never buy anything without checking with my husband/wife. (ugh)

Yea… but maybe later.

Wow, that’s expensive!


Common Obstacles

Truth is overcoming objections is the hardest thing salespeople face.

Even the BEST salespeople around tend to fold when they hear the dreaded objection.

Not Any More!

Because you’re about to learn some of the most powerful “reframes” ever created.

Their logic is so slippery and relentless that trying to resist them is like trying to put a choke hold on Bruce Lee covered in olive oil.

In fact, they’re so incredibly powerful you’ll actually actively seek objections, just so you can twist them around into positive benefits.


The New You

You’ll be like:

You: Hey, you should try this!

Them: Yea, but….I dunno….

You: Well, how about [pattern #12] and [pattern #3]!

Them: Dude, that’s awesome! Here’s my credit card!


In fact, these are so incredibly powerful, that after a while, you’ll be able to smell ’em before they even come up!

You’ll be so far ahead of folks you’ll sense their objections as they’re barely bubbling up in their brains. You’ll quickly reframe ’em, twist ’em around into benefits, getting rid of them altogether!

You’ll make ’em vanish faster than dry ice in a volcano!


Your New Power

You’ll be all:

You: How about product X because of benefit Y which also means Z?

Them: That sounds…but..wait..Hey, you’re right! That means… HEY! Gimme some of that!

The best part is that you can use these anywhere.

You can also use them in your relationships, Internet forums, face to face sales, even with strangers.

That actor you like but has a political belief different from yours? Once they run into you, their precious ideas and beliefs are TOAST!

If you’ve ever wanted to really destroy somebody’s ideas, and show them the error of their ways, these patterns will come in handy!

Although I must warn you, you can quickly make some FIERCE enemies with these, as you’ll soon have the power to DESTROY beliefs.

Since many of us associate our beliefs with WHO WE ARE, these are like dynamite.

If you want to (and I DO NOT RECOMMEND you do) you can literally have somebody questioning their life-long religious beliefs in under twenty minutes.


(think of all the fun you can have destroying the arguments of online crackpots!)

Why are these patterns so powerful?

As you’ll learn in the program, they’re based on the structure of the human mind.

See, a long time ago, Mother Nature decided that having a fast brain was much more important than having an accurate brain.

Because of that, many of our beliefs, conclusions about the world, and any kind of “cause and effect” relationship are rarely “true” in the objective sense…

That means they’re easy as pie to take apart, and put back together.

In fact, these patterns were created for therapy. To help people overcome fears, phobias and limiting beliefs.

These specific patterns pretty much blew the doors clean off traditional therapy. For a long, long time, they were carefully guarded secrets. AND they were strongly resisted by mainstream doctors and psychiatrists.

See, when you’ve got a happily paying patient coming in week after week (like Tony Soprano) who’d wanna use these techniques?

They’d heal ’em quicker than it takes to make microwave popcorn, and it’d be bye-bye gravy train!

Only the inner circles folks in the know even knew they existed.

But today, you have access to them. Techniques that helped troubled folks overcome horribly limiting life long beliefs IN SECONDS are about to be yours.


Just SOME Of The Ways You Can Use These


  • Online Sales
  • Offline Sales
  • Relationships
  • Coworkers
  • Internet Forums
  • Dating
  • Political Debates
  • Speeches
  • Kids
  • Parents
  • Bosses


 World Class 

In fact, most of the persuasive politicians who ever lived only know a FRACTION of these patterns.

After you go through the course, you’ll realize that most politicians, (including those guys and gals that are in the news ALL the time) really only use a couple of these, over and over.

Not only that, but you’ll soon see that many of them use them HORRIBLY! And look where it got them!

These are clowns are leading the free world! (or at least pretending to lol)

That’s the power that these have.

You’ll see what I mean next time you see those dudes on TV. You’ll be watching the next political discussion or talking head spouting this or that, you’ll chuckle to yourself thinking, “Dude, you suck!”

Once you master these skills, you’ll never fear objections again. In fact, like I said, you’ll be able to sense and get rid of ’em BEFORE THEY COME UP.

Long time ago, I used to sell cars. To say that was a confrontational sales meeting would be an understatement. Once in a while, we’d get somebody called a “laydown.”

That would be somebody who would listen to the sales pitch, nod their heads, and get out their checkbook.

Few and far between.

But after you get good at these patterns? Everybody’s a laydown! Nobody’ll be able to resist you!

Whatever slight resistance they may have’ll vanish quicker than a puff of smoke on a windy day!



You can even use these on YOURSELF!

Come up with anything you want to accomplish in life.


Write down several reasons you THINK are standing in your way. Use these patterns to overcome your OWN OBJECTIONS so you can more easily GET WHAT YOU WANT!

Think selling is hard?


Think talking to the guy or girl of your dreams is hard?


Think making fat cash in any kind of sales is hard, or takes a long time?


Think standing up in front of a crowd of strangers and speaking is hard?


Think walking into your bosses office and getting a raise is hard?


See, with these patterns, you’ll not only overcome other people’s objections, but also your own.

I know, this is a bold claim, but the world will NEVER LOOK THE SAME after you learn and internalize these patterns.

Most people have heard that if you change your beliefs, you’ll change your life.

But how the heck do you change your beliefs?

Now You’ll Know!

I gotta warn you though, you do need to practice them. These are like martial arts. You can’t sit back with a bowl of popcorn, watch “Enter The Dragon” and suddenly become a master of Jeet Kun Do.

You’ve actually gotta practice them.

But you’ll learn exactly how. You’ll be shown step by step, how to best practice these, so you’ll overcome your own objections to success AT THE SAME TIME.

By going through the exercises you’ll learn in this course, you’ll not only gain incredible skills of overcoming the objections of others, but you’ll also be overcoming your own objections to success AT THE SAME TIME.

So you see, even if you NEVER plan on selling anything to anybody, you’ll still get TREMENDOUS value from this course.

NEVER again will you hear a belief, objection, reason for NOT doing something, and feel it’s set it stone.

You’ll smile quietly to yourself and think, “Yea, that’s what YOU think.”

And if you feel like it, you’ll EASILY be able to flip it around on it’s head and “show ’em the light.”

How much would that be worth to you?

Keep in mind that many folks eagerly pay HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS to have somebody use these patterns on them for an hour or so.

For One Problem

And it’s money well spent. There are folks who quit smoking, quit drinking, quit incredibly self-destructive patterns.

In One Hour.

You’ll have the keys to the kingdom. The power to see through people’s thinking and ideas with laser like precision, and dismantle anything you like.

How much would that be worth?

Now, because these were originally designed to help folks like you live fuller richer, lives, giving them more choice and options every step of the way, I’m not after a huge chunk of change.

I want you to be as successful as possible with these.

After all, a world filled with people who can more easily get what they want is a better world.

I want you to use them on yourself to open up the huge mountain of possibility that’s out there.

I want you to dive right in and learn to be destroy objections and limitations like a ninja assassin.

So I’m letting this go for only nine bucks.

80 pages of jam packed information, no filler, no fluff.

Not only will you learn every single one of these patterns, I’ll show you plenty of examples of the best ways to use them, to get the best results.

How to phrase them. How to “preframe” objections so they’re gone before they even come up.

Not only that, but you’ll see each and every one of them applied to the ten most common objections when selling anything online.

That means you’ll literally be able to copy and paste these patterns right out of the book, and right on to your website and see an increase in conversions.

All for nine bucks.

What are you waiting for?

Get Yours Now!

Only $2.99!


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P.S. Not sure you need this? Aren’t selling anything? Don’t plan on selling anything? These techniques will give you much more power in EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION you find yourself in. Don’t you owe it to yourself to learn these?

Get These Today, and Change Your Life Tomorrow


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Questions? I’d love to hear from you.