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Unleash Your Natural Magnetism and Create Irresistible Attraction and Desire

Charisma Generator
Dear Friend:

Imagine this. You walk into a room filled with attractive people. The people you dream about being with the most. Maybe for romantic reasons, maybe for business reasons. Maybe for other reasons.

Some people would walk in and feel a bit nervous. They try and think of what to say. They look around, hoping to see a familiar face. Somebody to latch onto you.

Not you.

You look around, and you instantly feel the energy shift. You realize that since you’ve shown up, everybody knows. They feel your presence. They crave your presence. They all are thinking the same thing:

“Please approach me! Please come and talk to me!”

Far fetched? Outlandish? Not at all.

Because inside of every single person is a highly charismatic and irresistibly magnetic person just dying to come out.

Only in most of us, our natural, outgoing, charismatic self was hammered away. Covered up with gunk. Fears, uncertainties, anxieties. That invisible shell that keeps us from expressing our true selves. Our true natures.

Little kids don’t worry about what people will say. They don’t worry about being the center of attention. They CRAVE it.

Sure, maybe you’ve forgotten. But if you could remember, you would. You were lying there in your crib. When you were happy, you laughed. When you were sad, you cried.

And you made sure that EVERYBODY knew!

The good news is that as an adult, you can rediscover your inner magnetism. That deep part of you that is happy to interact with others. That is excited to meet new people. That isn’t afraid to share your enthusiasm.

The truth is that most people are scared. Most people want somebody ELSE to make the first move.

That’s why when people see you at that party or social gathering, they’ll be desperate to talk to you. Desperate to get to know you. Desperate to simply stand in your presence.

Think about that.

What will that be like? How much easier will work be?

Or finding a job?

How much easier will it be to meet interesting people for romantic relationships?

How will it feel to walk into room with hundreds of people and choose whomever you want?

How will it feel to stand in front of a huge crowd, and give a powerfully persuasive speech just as easily as you sing in the shower?

This isn’t something foreign. This isn’t something you need to learn. This isn’t some kind of behavior you need to practice until you get it right. This isn’t a matter of facing those fears until they’re gone.

This is simply a matter of letting out what is already inside you. What has been there since you were born.

The natural, charismatic and magnetic you.

What Does This Include?

This course includes eight hours of powerful hypnosis. 256 voices of subliminal programming. Short, powerful statements carefully crafted to awaken the inner charisma within. Spoken in both male and female, and in first person and second person.

To hit your brain from all angles to turbo-charge your inner magnetism that will become your naturally attractive self.

Each session is one hour, and is backed by powerful binaural beats to hold your mind at the Theta level, the level easiest for reprogramming.

The level where all social fears will be obliterated and replaced by a deep desire to express your truth and attraction.

Simply slip on a pair of headphones, close your eyes, and let the sounds do the rest. The visualization guide will show you some example images to focus on in the first few minutes of listening. After that, let your mind drift wherever it wants to.
Comes with comprehensive listening guide.



Subliminal Session Summary


Social Magnetism

Social  Magnetism

  • Obliterate Shyness
  • Destroy Social Fear
  • Enjoy Attention From Others
  • Feel At Home In A Crowd
  • Instantly Feel Comfortable With Strangers
  • Easily Speak To Large Crowds
  • Radiate Powerful Attraction
  • Easily Start Conversations With Anybody
  • Become Naturally Outgoing
  • Feel Confident In Any Conversation
  • Be In Demand For Parties



Conversation Power

Conversation Power

  • Easily Create Wonderful Conversations
  • Always Know What To Say
  • Speak With Charm and Charisma
  • Be A Highly Sought After Conversationalist
  • Comfortably Talk About Any Subject
  • Know When To Let Others Do The Talking
  • Resonate With The Natural Flow Of Conversation
  • Use Effective Humor
  • Develop Massive Persuasion
  • Read Body Language Like A Pro
  • Easily Read Between The Lines



Rock Solid Frame Control

Frame Control

  • Always Hold The Strongest Intention
  • Never Be Knocked Off Balance
  • Out Frame Like A Verbal Ninja
  • Always Hold Several Intentions At Once
  • Watch People Naturally Melt Into Your Frame
  • See How Easily People Readily Agree With You
  • Overwhelm People With Your Mere Presence
  • Always Be Naturally Dominant
  • Gain Easy Compliance With Anybody
  • See How Naturally People Qualify Themselves To You
  • Always Feel Confident And Comfortable



Always Alpha (Gender Neutral)

Always Alpha

  • Be The Leader Of All Situations
  • Always Be In Control
  • Naturally Assume Authority
  • People Naturally Follow You
  • People Naturally Agree With You
  • Always Know What To Do
  • Men Obey You
  • Women Obey You
  • Gain Massive Support From Others
  • Enjoy Massive Loyalty From Others
  • Easily Solve Problems



Charismatic Movements

Charismatic Movements

  • Project Massive Confidence With Body Language
  • Radiate Huge Charisma With Facial Expressions
  • Dominant and Attractive Eye Contact
  • Naturally Slow And Confident Movements
  • Ideal Posture
  • Laser Like Conversational Focus
  • Respond Slowly And Consciously
  • Consciously Manage And Direct Your Energy
  • Walk With Massive Poise
  • Speak Like A Seasoned Pro
  • Attractively Congruent Gestures



Win Every Argument

Win Every Argument

  • Never Fear Criticism Again
  • Obliterate All Objections
  • Easily Convince Others Of Your Point of View
  • On The Spot Witty Comebacks
  • Win Arguments With Kindness
  • Win Arguments With Compassion
  • Respect Others While Demonstrating Your Knowledge
  • Enlighten Others To Your Point of View
  • Never Feel On The Spot Again
  • Welcome Disagreements
  • Powerfully Attractive Sense Of Humor



Sexual Energy (Gender Neutral)

Sex Energy

  • Attract Irresistible Desire
  • People Crave Your Presence
  • Fill All Conversations With Subtle Sex Energy
  • People Mesmerized By Your Energy
  • Attract Romantic Lovers
  • Attract Income Opportunities
  • Mesmerize Entire Crowds
  • Make People Desperate For Your Touch
  • Send Subtle Signals Within Conversations
  • Make People Dream About You
  • Unleash Unstoppable Magnetism



Master Mix

Master Mix

All sessions above mixed into one powerful session. 1793 voices filling your subconscious with powerful truths about your unstoppable charisma and magnetism.



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