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Easily and Naturally Slip Your Ideas Into Their Mind – So They Think They are Their Own!


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Dear Friend,
Have you ever tried to convince a friend, business partner or potential lover to do something, only to have them reject you outright? Or maybe look at you like you were crazy?
Maybe even you used irrefutable logic, sure they’d see your side of the story, only to shrug it off like they’d rather eat a dirt sandwich?
This is the problem with logic. Actually with us humans. Psychologists tell us that we make most of our decisions using not well thought Spock-like logic, but based on our feelings. Our emotions. And if they aren’t feeling you, you don’t have a chance!
The good news is that there is a way to get them to see your ideas, convince them they are their own!
After all, when was the last time you argued with an idea you had yourself!
That’s what’ll happen when you use these slippery language patterns in the Covert Hypnosis training course. You’ll learn how to structure your message in a way that’s artfully vague, so they’ll be forced to fill in the blanks with their thoughts. Their experiences. Their imaginary pictures.
And when they finally put all their pictures together (in the EXACT order you’ll covertly suggest to them), they outcome will be theirs!
Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t magic. These will take time to learn, and these will take time to practice. But in your learning course you’ll have a step by step system, drills and easy to understand explanations that will get you up and running in no time flat!

How Can You Use These Patterns?


  • Dates
  • Job Interviews
  • Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend
  • Your Spouse
  • Your Boss
  • Strangers
  • Friends
  • Lovers
  • Clients
  • Neighbors
  • Bartenders
  • Flight Attendants
  • Sales Clerks
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Your Children
  • That Cute Girl/Guy at Starbucks
  • Face to Face
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Phone Conversations
  • Skype


Please Be Careful!

These patterns can certainly be used to get people to do things that they’ll later regret. So please don’t get anybody to do anything unless you are sure they’ll like it, benefit from it, and won’t try and kill you later!


Where Do These Come From?

These were developed by the most powerful hypnotist who ever lived, Milton Erickson. He started out using regular hypnosis, the kind where you swing your watch back and forth and tell the person they are getting sleepy.
But guess what? Even though they wanted to be hypnotized, even though they were sitting in a hypnotists office, feeling the surface you’re resting on, paying attention to your breath…going in…and out.. even though you want to feel that comfortable… relaxing feeling… of drifting off… to sleepy la la land…where everything is so…nice…peaceful…comfortable…
Wait, where was I?
They were still kind worried! So Dr. Erickson developed an ultra-covert, ultra under-the-radar system that sounds just like regular conversations. He would hypnotize the CRAP out of people and they wouldn’t even know it!
They would come in with extremely difficult problems. Emotional problems. Phobias. Fears. Social limitations. He would tell them some goofy story, and their problems would vanish!
Covert Hypnosis
This was all within a thirty minute conversation!

What Could He Achieve?

  • Getting a raging alcohol to suddenly put down the bottle with no problem…
  • Making shy people suddenly able to walk up to strangers…
  • Getting people who were terrified of heights to enjoy sitting on the balcony…
  • Getting people over their fear of water…
  • Getting kids to stop wetting the bed…
  • Turning a shy introverted lady into somebody so popular the ENTIRE TOWN showed up at her funeral!

If these patterns could cure these people of those problems, think of what you could do!

What Can You Achieve?

  • Get More Dates
  • Make More Money
  • Get More Sales
  • Get Students To Study More
  • Get Teachers To Stop Giving So Much Homework
  • Get Athletes To Step Up Their Game
  • Help Your Friends Overcome Fears
  • Turbo Charge Your Relationships
  • Much, Much More!


The Power Of Their Mind

Think for a moment about how most people try and get people to do things. Brute force. Logic. Begging. Arguing. All of these are confrontational. But with the powerfully effective patterns in Covert Hypnosis, they won’t even notice you’re trying to convince them of anything!

The Strangest Problem To Have

I’ll admit, when I first started getting massive success with these as a salesperson, it hurt my ego. After all, convincing somebody to make a purchase, and having them acknowledge that it was your idea feels fantastic!
But when you use these, since they’ll think it was their idea, it’s like they forget you are even there!
For example, you may be talking to your girlfriend with the secret intention of getting her to buy you dinner. You’ll be halfway through a set of patterns, and she’ll look like she suddenly got this great idea. She’ll look at you and say:
“Hey, stop talking! I just decided I’m taking you to dinner! By the way, what the heck were you just talking about?”

Buy Amazon Kindle – $2.99

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Wait a sec, why the heck is this so cheap?

Well, we here at Mind Persuasion have TONS of courses, in depth training sessions, and hours and hours of hypnosis sessions. You can think of this as our introductory course. But make no mistake. If ALL you ever did was get this manual, do the exercises in there, you would forever transform your life!
Never again would you be worried about money, because you could sell anything to anybody!
Never again would you feel lonely, because you can build relationships as easily as picking up money off the street!
Never again would you need to argue, because getting anybody to do anything would be a piece of cake!

What Will I Learn?

  • Pacing and Leading
  • Embedded Commands
  • Mind Reading
  • Double Binds
  • Temporal Presuppositions
  • Cause Effect Anchoring
  • Embedded Questions
  • Tag Questions
  • Referential Index Magnifiers
  • Quotes Pattern
  • Time Distortion Pattern
  • Single Binds
  • Nominalizations
  • Cleft Sentences
  • Pseudo Cleft Sentences
  • Authority Linking
  • Social Proof Linking
  • Ordinal Number Leverage
  • Compounded Suggestions
  • Universal Quantifiers
  • Complex Equivalents
  • Comparative Deletions
  • Selection Restriction
  • Change of State Verbs
  • Much, Much More!


Stop arguing and start getting what you want!


Buy Amazon Kindle – $2.99

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Don’t Feel Like Reading?
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