Unleash The Ancient Life Force Within You

Claim Your Inheritance of Prosperity, Social Magnetism, Love and Spiritual Wisdom


Kundalini Activator – Summary

  • Over Nine Hours Of Deep Programming
  • One Hour For Each Chakra
  • One Ramping Session – All Chakras – Sequentially
  • One Combination Session – All Chakras At Once
  • 256 Voice – Subliminal Programming
  • Binaural Frequencies Tuned To Each Chakra
  • Comprehensive Listening Instructions
  • All Affirmations Included
  • Connect With Higher Self
  • Instant Download

Dear Friend:
You have a vast untapped reservoir of energy within you. A coiled spring of ethereal power that is waiting to be unleashed. Unlimited universal life energy that precedes thought.
Your ancient connection to your higher self.
Is this metaphysical mumbo jumbo? Snake oil hooey? Sales trickery? Con artist button pushing?
What I’m referring to is the rare combination of metaphysical power with biological science. The immeasurable life force you have within you now, as you read this very sentence.
Feel this energy. Appreciate this energy.
The energy that has been with you since you before you were conceived, and will be long after you draw your last breath.
Your Kundalini.
The summation of each individual Chakra, as they slowly open up and let loose your inherent gifts.
Gifts of power, prosperity, sexual magnetism, effortless communication and persuasion. Deep love of humanity and kindness. Expanded intuition and spiritual connection.
This comprehensive course combines brainwave entrainment, subliminal programming, and carefully tuned sound frequencies that open up each individual Chakra and clear them of negativity and blockages.
Allowing your true inner strength to shine through.

What Are Chakras?

There are seven Chakras that you’ll be opening up with these deep sessions. They start down at the base of your spine, and end with your crown, the very tip of your skull.
Each Chakra is associated with various elements. Sound frequencies, skills and abilities, and biological elements of your physical self.
In this course, these sounds and frequencies are combined with cutting edge subliminal programming. Male-female, first person-third person, 256 voices of positive affirmations to further enhance your inherent gifts associated with each individual Chakra.
Your Kundalini Activation System contains a total of 9 recordings.
One hour for each individual Chakra.
One incremental session to sequentially open all Chakras within one session.
A combination session with all affirmations combined in a stunning conscious mind overwhelm of 1792 voices. All affirming your deepest and most powerful gifts, and awakening your most sacred self.
Each session is tuned to the musical note of each Chakra, as the carrying frequency of the underlying binaural beats, which will open up your mind for deep penetration of the subliminal messages.


Root Chakra

This Chakra is at the very base of the spine, and is associated with basic needs, such as money, food, and shelter. When this Chakra is closed, there is deep fear of lack. When this Chakra is open, fears vanish.

Additional Benefits

  • Release Money Worries
  • Release Worry About Survival
  • Complete Freedom From Feelings of Lack
  • Significantly Diminished “Fight or Flight Response”
  • Near Elimination of Physical Fear
  • Absolute Feelings of Physical Safety In Most Situations
  • Decreased Amounts of Unwanted Adrenaline
  • Elimination of Worry Over Bills
  • Obliteration of All Economic Worries
  • Deep Feeling of Confidence About Your Financial Future
  • Calm “Grounded” Feelings



Sacral Chakra

The second Chakra is located near the sexual organs. They are, of course, associated with sexual feelings, desires, and expressions. When this Chakra is closed, there is anxiety and apprehension whenever sexual energies are present. When this Chakra is open, you’ll feel an abundance of self confidence and social expression, as well as significant increases in magnetism and personal charisma.

Additional Benefits

  • Powerful Sexual Magnetism
  • Heightened Feelings of Pleasure
  • Open Acceptance of Others
  • Open to Abundance
  • Social Charisma
  • Deep and Relaxed Social Confidence
  • Generate Deep Attraction In Others
  • Release Negative Thinking About Others
  • Increased “Bedroom” Skills and Drive
  • Renewed Lust For Life
  • Abundance of Raw “Transmutable” Energy



Solar Plexus Chakra

The third Chakra is located near your solar plexus. This is associated with feelings of self confidence, self esteem, and self acceptance. When this Chakra is closed, there are strong doubts, lack of confidence and extreme timidity. When this Chakra is open, you’ll feel a magnificent sense of deep confidence in yourself and your abilities. Unfamiliar surroundings will be comfortable and easy.

Additional Benefits

  • Genuine Self Acceptance
  • Significantly Reduced Feeling of “Brokenness”
  • Zero Doubts Of Your Capabilities
  • True Appreciation Of Your Skills and Potential
  • Renewed Belief In Yourself
  • Childlike Excitement of the Future
  • Feel At Ease in Unfamiliar Social Situations
  • Speak With Calm, Relaxed Confidence
  • Feel In Control In All Situations
  • Magnetic Frame Control
  • Rock Solid Levels of Self Esteem



Heart Chakra

The fourth Chakra is near your heart. This is associated with feelings of love, joy and inner peace. When this Chakra is closed off, you’ll feel cut off from others, fear, and even hatred in some cases. When this Chakra is open you’ll be content, at ease, forgiving and kind. You’ll also attract those positive feelings from others.

Additional Benefits

  • Deep Feelings of Love
  • Calm Acceptance Of Others
  • Unlimited Powers of Forgiveness
  • Genuine Kindness
  • A Deep Desire To Help Others
  • See Others Points Of View
  • Others Will Naturally Be Drawn To You
  • Be Looked Upon With Admiration
  • Deep Feelings of Contentment
  • Powerful Feelings of Connection With All People
  • Ability To Work Well With All Personality Types



Throat Chakra

The fifth Chakra is near your throat. This is associated with verbal communication, influence, and personal expression. When this is closed off, you’ll feel uncertain about speaking your truth, as well as difficulty speaking up for yourself and others. When this Chakra is open you’ll feel deep confidence when speaking in front of crowds, or with attractive members of the opposite sex.

Additional Benefits

  • Powerful Boost In Communication Skills
  • Deeper, More Resonant Voice
  • Speak With Authority and Power
  • Elegant Persuasion and Influence
  • Significant Increase in Assertiveness
  • Enjoy Public Speaking
  • Become The Center of Every Social Occasion
  • Supreme Confidence When Speaking To Ultra Attractive People
  • Mesmerizing Language Skills
  • People Magnetically Drawn To Your Voice
  • Significant Boost In Working Vocabulary



Third Eye Chakra

The sixth Chakra is near the center of your forehead. This is associated with visualization, imagination, seeing the big picture and effective decision making. When this is closed off, you may have trouble visualizing, seeing the future, or making important decisions. When open, you’ll see vivid representations of any imagined future, as well as a deep understanding of the interactions between complex systems, giving you the ability to “read” seemingly confusing situations.

Additional Benefits

  • Rich Powers of Visualization
  • Easy “Big Picture” Thinking
  • Quickly Understand Dynamic and Complex Social Systems
  • Intuitive Understanding of Body Language
  • Intuitive Understanding of Facial Expressions
  • X-Ray Vision – Read Between The Lines in Any Conversation
  • Intuit What Others Are Thinking
  • Dream Programming and Lucid Dreaming
  • See Many Possible Futures At Once
  • Easy Decision Making – No Matter HOW Big
  • Massive Powers of Intuition and Seeming Clairvoyance



Crown Chakra

The seventh Chakra is located near the very top of your head. This is associated with spiritual connection, super conscious knowledge, and inner and outer beauty. When this is closed, there are feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty, and doubt about life itself. When opened you will feel deep peace and serenity, and an intuitive knowledge of the vast super conscious body of information.

Additional Benefits

  • Infinite Spiritual Connection
  • Unmatched Feelings of Serenity and Peace
  • Access To Super Conscious Body Of Knowledge
  • Access To The Universal Mind
  • Deep Feelings of Bliss
  • True Inner Beauty
  • Attract Feelings of Deep Love From Others
  • Advanced Levels of Deep Meditation
  • Potential Astral Travel
  • Potential Out of Body Experiences
  • Deep and Powerful Feelings of Universal Connectedness


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How To Listen

It’s recommended to go through each of the individual Chakra Sessions at least once, in order. No more than one session per day, at the beginning, is ideal.
The accompanying manual contains background information and details, as well as visualization guidance and instructions.
You’ll also find detailed information on how to look for and recognize the manifestations of each Charka opening in the physical world.


Two Special Sessions


Ramping Session

Each Chakra will be opened and magnetized for 10 minutes before ramping up to the next Chakra. This way, you can go through each Chakra in a very powerful 70 minute session. It’s highly recommended to listen to this session in an upright position, with eyes closed. For each particular Chakra, use the visualizations as described in the manual.

Combination Session

This is a master mix of all the subliminal messages. 1792 voices, all powered by the musical note of the crown Chakra as the carrier frequency for the brainwave entrainment. This will blast all your Chakras at once, as well as the associated skills and capabilities. This is for advanced users who like to accelerate your progress.

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Not sure? No problem. As always, these come with a full, no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. If you don’t feel these sessions are taking you to the next level of human existence, I’ll happily give you back every single penny.


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