Release Past Trauma, Overcome Inhibitions and Fearlessly Glide Through Life


You’re about to learn a groundbreaking combination of skills and techniques that will forever obliterate every last remnant of emotional pain from your past.

Dear Friend:

You know there is much more in life you can get. Money. Relationships. Jobs. Careers. Friends. Whatever you want, it’s possible.

However, although many of us know what we want, we just can’t get ourselves to do what it takes.

Often times, these “drive by fears” come out of nowhere. You’ll be happily walking down the street and BAM!

They hit you like a heavy punch in the gut. You may even wander around in a daze, wondering why in the heck that bothered you so much.

You may have an suspicion that you’re not like everybody else. You may see others doing things. Things like speaking in public, walking up and talking to attractive people like it’s no biggie. Speaking up in meetings to contradict the big boss. Asking for what they want until they get it.

Maybe you’ll be sitting at some social gathering, and suddenly somebody starts talking, and it may seem like everybody’s going to have to stand up and give a speech. Suddenly you feel like fleeing.

Or sitting in a bar or coffee shop with a friend, absently checking somebody out. Your friend says, “Why don’t you go and talk to them?” Which makes you cringe in fear.

Maybe certain scenes from certain TV shows or movies make you much more sad or depressed than they should.

You may find yourself thinking, “I wish I could do that…

You may have even tried several courses, or even expensive seminars.

But still, something’s holding you back. Some deep, raw feeling. A clutch in the pit of your gut that tells you that thing you want, that’s for other people. Not you.

You may have even decided you’re broken. Wounded. Unfixable. You may have decided that you simply need to avoid certain situations.

You’re Wrong.

You’re not broken. You don’t need to be fixed. There is nothing wrong with you.

In truth, you (yes, YOU!) are the most complicated miracle ever created. Whether you believe in cold hard biological evolution or that you were designed by an omnipotent and benign Creator, you are perfect.

Yes. YOU. Are. Perfect.

So why the trouble? Why those unexpected sucker punches? Why do you cringe in fear sometimes for no apparent reason?

Why does it hurt so much when people cut you off in traffic, or cut you off mid-sentence, or forget to take your order at a restaurant?

Call it a mismatch. Mismatch between your childhood experiences, and your adult experiences.

See, when you were a kid, you didn’t know much. In fact, you didn’t know anything. So you made a LOT of assumptions about how the world worked.

These assumptions were based on your environment, and your place in it. And these assumptions were made quickly, and subconsciously.

It’s not like you had your own Research and Development lab as a kid, and did all kinds of double-blind experiments to figure out how the world worked!

You made quick assumptions that helped you survive.

But those assumptions were made as a kid. In a kid’s world.

Now, you’re not a kid anymore. You don’t live in a kid’s world any more.

Which means if you are still running around with those same assumptions in your head (that you made without even knowing you were making them) you ARE going to run into trouble!

You’re not broken. You’re just using an outdated operating system for your brain!

Your brain is incredibly fast, but sometimes it’s not so accurate. And if you don’t update it on your own as needed, you’ll be left with old programs, and those old routines running up there.

Operating in world filled with adults with some childhood software isn’t so easy!

Upgrade Your Brain

Luckily, that’s about to change. This course will teach you how.

Now only will you learn precisely WHY the way you are, but you’ll fully understand exactly WHY you are not broken, but perfect.

(Yes, YOU!)

Then you’ll understand how to reprogram your brain so you can operate much more efficiently as an adult, while keeping all the excitement and curiosity as a kid.

See, the thing about your memories, especially your childhood memories, is the feelings associated with them are much easier to reprogram than most people believe.

Not only will you learn how, but you’ll also have a comprehensive set of Subliminal Reprogramming Sessions designed to obliterated the deep fears upon which ALL FEARS are based.

Conscious Training

In the comprehensive course manual, you’ll learn some powerful techniques to literally change how you view events. Not only as they happen, but the ones that happened a long, long time ago.

You’ll also learn some powerful techniques that will allow you to dig deep into your history, see things from an objective perspective, and then play around however you want. Until it feels the way you WANT it to feel.

This means you can take any memory you have, no matter HOW troubling it is to you now, and change it into a happy memory with you at the center of power. Then you’ll drop it right back into your subconscious, and see how much more easy and fun life becomes.

What You Get

  • Uncover All Of Your History
  • Change The Meaning Of Events As They Happen
  • Stop Being Sucker Punched
  • Feel In Complete Control Of Your Emotions
  • Easily Shrug Off Mean or Rude Encounters
  • Discover True Inner Peace and Happiness
  • Be Free From Emotional Distress And Worry
  • Feel Confident And Relaxed In Social Settings
  • Feel Confident And Relaxed In Romantic Settings
  • Obliterate All Irrational Fears
  • Easily Speak Up When You Want To
  • Calmly Explain and Defend Personal Boundaries
  • Never Feel “On The Spot” Again
  • Have Fun Learning Again
  • Have Fun Getting Feedback Again
  • Become Much More Spontaneous And Outgoing
  • Much, Much More




The conscious training, and all the benefits are based on an understanding of how your brain operates. How you perceived and world as a child compared to how you perceive the world now. Most importantly, getting the above benefits is dependent on doing mental exercises and journal exercises on a daily basis.They require your participation. They are simple, easy and quick. If you can commit to ten minutes a day of exercises, in addition to the listening exercises as needed, your life will change.



Unconscious Programming

If you only got the manual, and only did the exercises within, your life would change dramatically. You’d be free from stress and anxiety, and fearlessly go through life without ever worrying about unexpected emotional fears, anxieties, or traumatic memories popping up.

However, we want the good stuff, and we want it as quickly as possible!

That’s why you’ll also get 8 hours of subconscious reprogramming to fill your mind with positive ideas about yourself to change as rapidly as possible.

Used in conjunction with the daily exercises explained above, get ready for a miraculous transformation!

Each of programming session has a powerful mix of exciting technology that will systematically change your mind from the inside out.

Each session contains a male and female voice, each speaking in the first and third person. The statements they are saying are designed to the polar opposites of the most common fears and false beliefs or limitations. No matter how you talk to yourself, or whose voice you hear, these voices will overcome self doubt and replace it with self belief. They will replace worry with confidence. They will replace trepidation with the bold behavior that will get you anything you want.

In addition, you’ll hear 256 voices speaking at once, far too many for your conscious mind. This will shoot them straight into your unconscious for deep and permanent change. All the while, your brain will be bathed in the soothing sounds of theta inducing brain entrainment, holding your mind in the ideal brainwave state to be the most receptive to these new truths about you.

Subliminal Session Summary

Each session is one hour in length and contains male and female voice, first person “I” and third person “you” subliminals in 256 voices, and advanced brain entrainment technology designed to flood your mind with positive beliefs and truths about yourself.


Fear Of Rejection

  • Blast Away All Rejection Fears
  • Feel Deep Acceptance No Matter Where You Are
  • Feel Deep Acceptance No Matter Whom You’re With
  • Approach Anybody With Ease And Confidence
  • Feel Happy Even When They Say “No”
  • Feel Deep Love For Yourself Regardless Of Outcome
  • Become Truly Outcome Independent



Inability Expressing Wants And Needs

  • Easily Speak Up When You Want
  • Confidently Ensure You Are Heard
  • Easily Overcome Objections
  • Develop Unstoppable Social Confidence
  • Speak Slow And Confidently
  • Speak Clear And Persuasively
  • Easily Ask Until You Receive



Fear Of Positive Social Pressure

  • Feel Completely Relaxed In Crowds
  • Feel Relaxed And Centered At The Center Of Attention
  • Easily Hold Large Crowds Mesmerized
  • Significantly Increase Charisma And Magnetism
  • Enjoy Public Speaking
  • Hold Them In Rapt Attention
  • Never Feel On The Spot Again



Fear Of Negative Social Pressure

  • Easily Handle Criticism With Ease
  • Never Take Anything Personally Again
  • Hold Your Own In Any Disagreement
  • Always Disagree With Confidence
  • Feel Confident Even When The Whole Crowd Is Against You!
  • Never Hold Back Your Opinion Again
  • Win Arguments Easily And Confidently



Fear Of Being Left Behind

  • Comfortably Go At Your Own Pace
  • Always Feel At The Center Of The Action
  • Never Feel Like You’re Playing “Catch Up”
  • Let Old Lovers Go With Ease
  • Easily Release Those You Aren’t Compatible With
  • Obliterate Any Abandonment Issues
  • Never Feel Like You Need To Be Anywhere But Where You Are



Fear Of Dismissal Or Disapproval

  • Always State Your Case
  • Never Worry About Interruptions
  • Confidently Allow Others To Disagree
  • Never Hide Your True Feelings Again
  • Be Completely Open In Intimate Situations
  • Enjoy True Self-Expression Without Fear
  • Never Hide The “Real You” Again



Fear Of Setting Boundaries

  • Clearly And Confidently Express Your Limits
  • Easily Let Others Know What’s NOT OK
  • Increase Attraction And Desire From Others
  • Never Depend On Assumptions Again
  • Never Again Worry About Pushing Others Away
  • Express Your Boundaries So They’ll Respect Them
  • Develop A Strong Congruent Presence



Master Mix

When you absolutely, positively, need to flood your brain with a non-stop avalanche of positive ideas and thoughts, this final session will do the trick. A mind boggling 1792 voices (all the sessions mixed in one MASTER session) for one hour of pure subconscious love. Let loose a torrent of pure bliss into your mind, and sweep away all those past hurts from every hidden nook and cranny deep within your consciousness.



Break The Chains Of The Past

Your life is much more than staying out of trouble or avoiding those “uncomfortable” situations and people. This course will show you how to obliterate past hurts, remove fears and anxieties to your true expressions, and let you live your life on your terms.

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Ditch The Emotional Baggage

It’s been said that most people live their lives in “quiet desperation.” SCREW THAT NOISE! Get this course, blast away your sore spots and emotional “wounds” and live life on your terms.

Whatever you want in life, it’s yours. All you’ve got to do is get it. The skills and exercises in this course will let you. No fear, only fun. No anxiety, only pleasure. No trepidation, only excitement. No shame or guilt, only a bold expression of your wonderful truth.


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Of course, this comes with a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely convinced this course will do everything here and more, you’ll get back every penny. No problem, no question, no worries. Get this now, and change your life.


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Buy Kindle Version – $2.99

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