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Everything becomes easy once you release yourself from the false shackles of debilitating fear.



Dear Friend:
No matter who you are, what you do, or how long you’ve been on this giant rock hurtling through space, you want more. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.
Nothing wrong with that. It’s the human condition.
In fact, it’s healthy (so long as you’re not robbing banks!)
Our common drive to continuously improve ourselves has created our societies and everything in them.
Medicine. Science. Art. Space Travel. Microwavable Burritos.
However, knowing what you want, and getting it are two different things.
It’s a bit more complicated than putting a nickel in a gumball machine and turning the crank.
If you’re like most people, you know what you want, and you might even know a little bit of how to get it, but it still feels just out of reach.
You may even know the first couple steps you need to take in order to get the ball rolling.

You Know What To Do

Go and talk to that girl over there. Pitch that idea to your boss or coworkers. Sign up for evening or online classes.
Talk to your spouse or partner about how to improve your relationship.
Even when we know exactly what to do, something holds us back. That icky feeling that shows up when we even start THINKING about doing that “thing.”
Maybe you know what I’m talking about?
Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to con ourselves, and tell ourselves the problem isn’t us, it’s “them.”
Sure, we’d like to go and talk to that girl, but she’s not our type, or maybe we’re not in the “mood.”
Yea, we’d talk to our boss about our raise or that idea or promotion, but now’s not a good time.
Maybe next week.
Of course we’d like to sit down with our spouse or partner and talk about those issues that we KNOW we should talk about.
But not now.
Maybe when we’ve got more free time. Maybe after we pay our bills. Maybe when we’re both in a better mood.
Only that “good time” in the imaginary future never comes. We keep kicking that can down the road, and pretty soon we’re past the point of no return.
Those things we wanted are now so far out of reach, why even bother?


We weren’t put on Earth to merely survive. We were put on Earth to THRIVE!
Not just get by, but to get what you want. Anything you want.
Again and again!
But what about that icky feeling? What about all those excuses?
OK. Full Stop.
Let’s be honest.
We know what we want. And we know how to get it. (Or at least get started). But we don’t.
It’s not the weather, or our mood, or the amount of free time, or anything else.
Let’s admit it.
We’re scared. Afraid. Terrified of what might happen if we’re wrong. If we mess up.
The reason we can’t get what we want is FEAR. Pure and simple.
Now, most people are so deeply controlled by fear that they are terrified to even admit they’re scared.
But since you’re reading this, you’re just about to cross over a very important threshold.
When you admit, understand, face and CONQUER your fears.
Once and for all.

Your Life Without Fear

What happens when you have no fear?
When you can do ANYTHING you want?
Without worrying about the outcome?

Imagine The Possibilities!

The truth is that fear is made from a collection of false ideas, assumptions and automatic decisions that we carry around in our heads.
Ideas about ourselves, and ideas about the situation we’re in.
Once we break open those myths, and see them for the nonsense they are, fear will vanish.
Imagine you walk into a room. Across the room on a table is a big, fat stack of money.
But between you and the money are a bunch of tigers on leashes. The leashes are coiled on the ground, so you don’t know how far they’ll reach.
You’d like the money, right? But you wouldn’t DARE make a move.
Those tigers will eat you!
Rational right?
But is it still rational when you learn that the tigers are just a hologram?
That they aren’t real?
What happens then? You know what happens then! You stroll right in and pick up the money!

Take What’s Yours

That’s what’ll happen to your life when you understand your fears. Where they come from, why they are false and exactly HOW to PROVE to yourself that they are false!
This course will teach you how.
The first part is a comprehensive workbook filled with logical explanations, exercises, and daily activities that will remove fear at the root.

You’ll Learn

  • The Truth Of Your Comfort Zone
  • The Secret Of Risk
  • The Quick Decision That Happens BEFORE Fear Shows Up
  • Why Fear Is Based On Self Deception
  • Why Others Are Also Afraid
  • The Secrets Of The Ego
  • How To Manage Your Emotions
  • Why We Are The Way We Are
  • Why You AREN’T Broken
  • Why Being “Risk Averse” Is Perfectly Natural (You Aren’t Broken!)
  • How To Reframe Your Beliefs
  • How To Find Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Simple Daily Activities That Will Eliminate Fear
  • Strategies To Use In The Middle Of A Conversation
  • How To Pre-Frame Social Events And Prevent Fear From Showing Up
  • The REAL TRUTH About Reality
  • Much, Much More

But that’s just the beginning. You’ll also get TEN HOURS of brain enhancing audio, to deeply eradicate fear.
Think of fear like a virus on your computer. These hypnosis programs are like the most POWERFUL anti-virus program in existence that will dig down deep, and remove fear from your root directory.
Once those false ideas are gone for good, you’ll easily be able to get whatever you want from life.


Talking to that girl over there will feel as easy as asking old lady for the time.
Chatting up your boss about that raise or promotion will feel like asking your buddy to pass the salt.
Starting that all important conversation with your spouse or partner about those “issues” will seem as easy as suggesting you order a pizza instead of ordering Chinese food.
No matter what you’d like to do, but were afraid to do it until now, it will be easy.
The truth is that life is meant to be LIVED.
Your job as a human is to get in the game, interact with life and GET YOURS.
NOT to sit on the sidelines while everybody else is playing.
The secret to obliterating fear for good is not to simply “feel the fear and do it anyway,” as many supposed gurus have suggested.
It’s absolutely crucial to understand WHY we feel afraid in the first place. Once you understand the complex, split second process that happens BEFORE we start to feel anxious and afraid, we can learn what to look for, so we can…

…Stop Fear Dead In It’s Tracks

So those things that you’d like to do will be easy.

Things like…

  • Talking To Attractive and Interesting People
  • Learning New Skills (to make more money)
  • Saying “No” to People When You Want Without Worry Or Anxiety
  • Going To New Places, and Feeling TOTALLY Comfortable
  • Being MUCH More Socially Active
  • Feeling Completely Comfortable At The Center Of Attention
  • Enjoying “Scary” Things Like Public Speaking (Getting You Even MORE Income!)

Once fear is gone, you’ll be able to DO much more in life, and GET much more.

Part One

In part one of this course, designed for your conscious mind, you’ll learn:

  • Why Our Comfort Zone Can Be A Trap
  • How To Slowly Expand Our Comfort Zone And Make The Unfamiliar Feel Normal
  • What Our Ego Really Is, And How To Overcome It’s Effect On Us
  • How To Fearlessly Learn ANYTHING With Child Like Excitement
  • How To See ALL Feedback As Positive
  • The Real Structure Of “Risk” And Split Second Decision Making
  • How To Maximize Our “Good Feelings” Before Taking ANY Action
  • The Most Common Limiting Belief Of All, And How To CRUSH It
  • How To Uncover And Obliterate Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
  • A Daily Plan To Consistently Have More Fun In Life
  • How To Literally Change How You Remember Your History So You Can Remember Being Successful, In Any Area Of Your Life
  • Several PROVEN Strategies To Enjoy Being Social And Interacting With Others


Part Two


Ten Hours Of Programming

Even if ONLY got the training manual, you’d be miles ahead in just a couple weeks. Understanding why fear happens, how to keep it from popping up, and how to obliterate it once you feel it is one thing, but let’s be honest.
We want the good stuff, and we want it now!
That’s why you’ll also get your own personal library of fear destroying hypnosis sessions, as well as background listening sessions.
You’ll be able sit back, close your eyes, and simply let the powerful hypnotic suggestions wash your fears way…
..or use the wide awake listening sessions while driving, watching TV, surfing the net, ANYTHING.
Not only will have these powerful sessions delivered with some cutting edge, trance inducing technology, but you’ll also have the pure sessions as well.
Meaning you can use a free audio software like Audacity to mix them with your favorite music.
Driving, studying, reading online. Just play the sounds in the background, and rapidly accelerate your progress.
Five hours of trance inducing hypnosis and five hours of background overwhelm affirmations designed to slip into your subconscious as quickly as possible.

Hypnosis Sessions


Supporting Beliefs

The positive beliefs that support you in your new, fearless life. You’ll believe you can do anything, talk to anyone, and try anything. No matter what you consider doing, you’ll AUTOMATICALLY think to yourself, “Yep, I got this…”


Social Confidence

Go into any social situation and feel completely at ease. Whether you’re talking to the hottest Playboy model or the most powerful human on Earth, you’ll be like, “Hey man, wassup? Mind passing the bean dip?”


Long Term Thinking

Instead of being frozen in the moment this session will train your brain to automatically look out in the future like a seasoned chess master, and consider all the possible outcomes, giving you extreme, in the moment flexibility so you NEVER feel stuck again!


Positive Feedback Loop

After you program your brain with these ideas, you’ll see every outcome of every situation, no matter WHAT it is, as positive feedback that will propel you forward. This positive feedback loop is the TRUE secret of effortless success, giving you self-sustaining forward momentum.


Feeling Comfortable In Unknown Situations

Instead of timidly walking into a room full of strangers or trying something for the first time, you’ll jump right in and immediately feel at home. Anywhere, anytime.


Inside Out Transformation

This entire program is built, from top to bottom, inside and out to help you look out into the world, and see nothing but opportunity.
You’ll be able read any situation, know what to do, and take action. Even if you have NO CLUE what to do, after internalizing the ideas and concepts in this course, and programming your brain with these powerful hypnosis sessions, you’ll be able to calmly make a move, and see what happens.
Simply by observing your results, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do next.
Easy peasy.
Isn’t it time you conquered that imaginary monster we call fear once and for all?
It’s YOUR life. Get this course, KILL that monster, and LIVE LIFE the way you KNOW it should be lived.

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If you aren’t sure, and don’t know if this course is right for you, try it anyway. It comes with a no questions asked, money back guarantee. Check it out, try the exercises, take some time with the hypnosis sessions. If you don’t feel this course can teach you how to quickly and easily eradicate your fear, you’ll get a no hassle refund.


Gets yours now, blast away fear, and start building the life you want.





Buy Kindle Version – $2.99

(Hypnosis Sessions Not Included)
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