How To Get People To Agree With You, Follow You, and Be Happy To Be With You


You’re About To Learn The Missing Ingredient That Will Completely Turn Your Life Around – From Follower to Natural Leader

Dear Friend,
You know when you feel frustrated trying to get your point or idea across?
Like there’s some kind of invisible force field between you and the person you’re talking to? (Or the person you’d LIKE to talk to?)
It frikking SUCKS!

Weak Frame Symptoms

How Many Do You Suffer From?

  • No Respect
  • Nobody Takes You Seriously
  • Making Money’s Tough
  • Easily Overpowered By Others
  • Uneasy Feeling When Expressing Self
  • Relationship Issues
  • Weak Social Skills
  • Feel Invisible
  • Trouble Talking To New People
  • Feel Dependent On Others
  • Not Memorable
  • Emotions Easily Affected By Others


I’ve Been There

I know what it’s like to feel other people are more important than you. Like when it’s your turn to speak up, you feel like you are imposing on others and it’s just a matter of time before you get shut down. Like they’re looking at you with those, “this-better-be-good” eyes.
You know you’ve got great ideas. You know you’ve got plenty of helpful insights based on your own unique experience.
You know you’ve got a certain understanding about the way things REALLY work.
If you could only get others to “get” what you’ve got to say.
You know the difference between not having any ideas and having fantastic ideas that stay bottled up inside, right?
Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

Don’t Keep It Inside!

Your ideas, insights, suggestions and very presence are worth next to nothing if you can’t get others to see your TRUE value.
Unless you’re content to sit in a cave and make friends with rocks, you need to get people on your side!
So what is it that’s holding you back?
What’s the secret force field that makes holding to an opinion in the face of adversity seem like running uphill in sand?
What’s the missing link that makes you seemingly at the mercy of others when it comes time to make the big decisions?

What Gives?

Is the answer based on pure force of energy? Having the loudest voice? The most belligerent personality?
Sure, this can bowl people over, but it doesn’t leave folks with a good taste in their brains.
It’s based on the “I win, you lose” model.
This will only get you MORE stress and anxiety! Who the heck needs that?

The Natural Solution

Luckily, there’s a much easier way. When you understand to develop the secrets of Frame Control, you will not need to rely on force, or arrogance or bullying, like many do.
You’ll have the powerful skills of charisma and magnetism that most people don’t even know about.
That deeply attractive power of inner knowing that exists before language.
That wonderfully magnetic energy that resonates with people on a primordial subconscious level.
That tells them YOU are different from everybody else.

Who Am I?

I’ve spent the last decade of my life uncovering this secret. I used to be terrified of even making eye contact with people on the street.
But after spending tens of thousands of dollars in seminars, courses (mostly junk to be perfectly honest), and in-the-street experimenting. I’ve stripped down the bare essentials for rock solid Frame Control that will fire up your charisma on a deep and powerful level.

Deep Power

No stress, no squirrely logic, no in-your-face comebacks, just a quiet inner presence.
A calm trust in yourself that will underpin all of your communication.
Verbal and non-verbal.
Even at a distance.

The Mystery Of Personal Magnetism

I’m sure you’ve met certain people who effortlessly radiate a kind of magnetic charm and inner attraction.
They way they move. They way they talk. They way they’re always calm and relaxed. Even if the face of fierce opposition.
The kind of person who slowly and confidently walks into a room, causes people stop mid-sentence and stare at them with eyes of unconscious mouth-watering attraction.
All thinking the same thought:
“Who IS that person?”
By understanding and installing the inner workings of Frame Control, what’s required, and what’s not, YOU will be that person.
By having the power of Frame Control embedded into you with the most powerful hypnotic programming ever developed, you will naturally BECOME that person.

Frame Control Benefits

  • Natural Attraction
  • Easy Self Expression
  • People Crave Your Opinions
  • People Readily Agree With You
  • Talk To Anybody Anywhere Anytime With Ease
  • Zero Fear
  • Never Lose Arguments
  • Naturally and Easily Make Friends
  • Romantic Partners Feel Lucky To Be With You
  • Opportunities Present Themselves
  • Everybody You Meet Will Always Remember You
  • Dramatically Skyrocket Persuasion and Influence
  • People Happy Just to Be Around You
  • Natural Leadership in Any Situation
  • Effortless Attraction People You Meet


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Bottom Line?

People with strong Frame Control have it much easier.
People come to them. People agree with them. People naturally gravitate to their point of view. For their own reasons.
The raw truth is most people are followers. This has been shown in scientific study after scientific study.
People LOVE being followers. People LOVE the safety of having a confident, dominant personality with an unbreakable frame around.
That’s precisely why when you show up with your rock solid frame, people will go out of there way to be around you. To help you. To support you in any way they can.

Question Time

Stop now, and ask yourself these questions:
What will I be able to accomplish when I can easily attract the people I want into my life?
What will I be able to accomplish when people come to me instead of having to chase people down?
What will I be able to do when I easily express myself and people look at me and say, “Wow, that’s a great idea!”
What will it be like when I walk into a room, and everybody wants me to walk over and talk to them?

What Will Happen?

Your relationships will improve. Your communication will become more effective. Your financial life will improve. And since most people are completely unaware that having strong Frame Control is the secret sauce of an easy life, they won’t know what happened to you.
They’ll just know you’re “better” somehow.
“Different,” in a good way.
They like the new you. Old friends will come back and compete for your attention. Bosses will beg to hire you.

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What You Get


Conscious Training

  • Basic Frame Ingredients
  • Why Meaning is Everything
  • Why Meaning is Always Flexible
  • How To Set Any Meaning For Any Situation
  • Building Blocks of a Strong Frame
  • Secrets To Holding Your Frame in Any Situation
  • Easy Frame Strengthening Exercises
  • The Real Meaning of Luck
  • Secrets of Belief
  • Reframing vs Outframing
  • The Magic of Preframing
  • The Role of Intention
  • Common Frame Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
  • How To Uncover and Eradicate Self Deception
  • How To Identify “Fake” Frames
  • Intention Generation Exercises
  • Much, Much More


Unconscious Programming

Not only will you understand the secrets of Frame Control, something few people even know exist, you’ll have these qualities installed into you through three powerful guided hypnosis sessions.
Each one of these on it’s own could easily sell for ten times the price of the entire course!

Four Heroes Frame Generator

In this guided hypnosis session, you’ll choose four archetypes from which to draw your frame strength.
A Leader, A Lover, A Spiritual Guide, and a Joker.
One by one, and then all at once, these four “role models” will fill you with their incredible energy that will make you irresistibly dominant and attractive to all you come in contact with.


Beyond Time Frame Generator

In this guided hypnosis session, you’ll travel back through your history, and draw from any time when you’ve had powerful frame control. Then you’ll slowly move out over your history and plant seeds of natural frame domination as far out as you’d like. You’ll fill your entire past, and your entire future, with powerful energy of Frame Control.


Meaning Flexibility Generator

One of the cornerstones of strong Frame Control is to be able to choose any meaning you’d like for any event that happens. In this session, you’ll choose a situation in which you’d like to perform better. Then you’ll travel back in time, and find those instances when that type of situation first occurred. Then you’ll rewrite your own history, so you’ll remember things differently on a deep unconscious level. Take any situation you want, and change from an automatic feeling of weakness to one of power and domination.


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How Much?

Now despite how much this will improve your life, no matter how many good things you can imagine now, whatever wonderful relationships you can create or enhance with these deep personality skills, all of that won’t matter if this is out of reach financially.

That’s Why Frame Control is Only $29



It’s Not Getting Any Easier

Let’s face it. The economy is crap. More and more people are struggling just to put food on the table. Nobody knows what it’s going to be like a year from now, or even sooner.
But as I’m sure you’re aware, one of the biggest skills you can develop, that will safely take you through any economy is strong persuasion, influence, and a personality that makes people stand up and take notice.
Frame Control will give you that.
It will hypnotically embed it into your subconscious. It will transform you from however you see yourself now to a solid, attractive, magnetic and charismatic individual who people naturally follow.
Click on the button below, and download this course now.

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Naturally, this comes with a sixty day full guarantee. Try it out. Go through the extensive manual. Try out the exercises. Go through the guided hypnosis sessions. Give it a full try for two months. If you don’t feel more powerful, more dominant in any situation, I’ll give you back every penny. No questions asked.




Take Back Control

Stop getting pushed around by the world. Stop worrying about how other people might respond, or what they may say.
Forget about waiting for others to decide what to do.
Get this course, and allow yourself to become the natural leader you were born to be.
Download this information straight into your brain, and do whatever you want, and watch others eagerly follow you.
This world belongs to you. Take it.

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Buy Kindle Version – $2.99

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Life Changing

Just imagine the most terrifying situation you can think of. One where you’re intimidated just to be there.
Now imagine walking in, full of confidence, and having everybody suddenly look at you with big round hopeful eyes, waiting for you to tell them what to do.
This is your birthright. Stop letting others intimidate you, say no to you, or boss you around. Let out your natural dominance and magnetism.
Give the world the gift of your leadership.

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