Girlfriend Generator

Easily And Automatically Create Your Ideal Relationship With The Perfect Girl
The precise, easy, step by step procedure and deep hypnosis programming to naturally exhibit perfect behavior and attitude to attract your ideal relationship with the perfect woman

Dear Friend,

You’re about to learn a proven, step by step system. A simple to understand, simple to implement system. One that will take from where you are right now, reading this very sentence, to being in a relationship with your dream girl.

Yes, you read that correctly.

From where you are now, to having an ideal lover, girlfriend, or even wife.

Not only will you learn what to do, (the exact, specific steps), but you’ll obliterate any obstacles holding you back.

Because let’s be honest.

If you wanted the ideal apple, you’d grab a couple bucks in change and head to the supermarket. After about ten minutes of looking, you’d have the ideal apple.

Same goes for pretty much anything else.

But women are different. I know, you can admit it. (It’s just you and me here). Talking to girls isn’t the easiest thing in the world. In fact, for most normal guys that aren’t sociopaths, talking to attractive girls, I mean REALLY hot girls is the most terrifying thing you’ll ever do.

Or at least it used to be!

Because after you go through this course, and follow the step by step instructions, two things will happen.

Fear Will Vanish

Whatever fears, anxieties, insecurities you have now, will be gone. POOF! Which means you’ll easily be able to talk to anybody, anywhere, any time.

What will that be like? You see a cutie sitting there in a coffee shop, you stroll right up without a second thought. With the same mindset you’d pick up a $20 off the sidewalk.

This will give you an extraordinary amount of choice most guys never even realize. You’ll have options. You won’t have to “settle” like 99% of all the other goofs out there.

And then you’ll realize the second benefit.

Your Ideal Girlfriend Will Materialize

No, this is not magic. This is not law of attraction nonsense. This is science. Logic. Biology. See, the same process of building up courage to massive levels of seductive power is the VERY SAME process that will allow you to easily glide through the vast sea of wonderful femininity and choose the woman that’s PERFECT for you.

Not the girl that’s good enough for you. Not the girl who’ll you’ll date till somebody better comes along.

The girl who’s PERFECT for you. In every way.

What This Course Is Not

Be warned, this course is not like any other. This course will NOT teach you any ninja language patterns designed to turn her into a puddle of sexual desire. Believe it or not, that power is VERY DANGEROUS.


What happens when you fire up that much desire in a girl who turns out to be a psycho nutjob?!

(Trust me, that is a problem you DO NOT want to have!)

This course is NOT a “get your ex back” course. Sure, those things are selling like hotcakes these days. You can’t seem to visit any kind of dating site, forum, or even a regular newsblog without being slammed with “get your ex back” ads.

Nor is this a course on how to turn that one girl you’ve had your eye on since kindergarten into your dream lover.

It’s definitely not how to turn your best friend into your lover.


Those ideas are great. They sell many, many courses. But they are VERY limiting.

You may not realize this, but those girls (your ex, your kindergarten crush, whoever) is NOT your dream girl. Maybe you think they are now, but consider this:

After you go through this course, you will SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your value to women. Which means those girls you THINK are your “dream girl” now, won’t even rate.

Sure, you can still be friends with them. Sure, they’ll likely be dying and trying to seduce you. Sure, ALL your exes may be BEGGING you back.

But guess what? Once you see what you’re REALLY worth, and the kind of woman you can REALLY get?

You’ll have them all eating out of your hand!

You’ll get to the point where you have SEVERAL high quality women (whatever THAT means to you) dying to be the one YOU CHOOSE.

I Know What You’re Thinking

What is this, some kind of con? Some kind of introductory ebook into the longest sales funnel since the dawn of time? Some teaser into a never ending membership program or seminar after inner-circle seminar that will drain THOUSANDS from your bank account, and leave you with no more skills than you have now?


This is an all inclusive, conscious training and unconscious programming system. You’ll learn step by step what to do, and you’ll have the powerful subconscious programming sessions that will make it easier than picking up money off the street.

One Price. One Time.

Take a deep breath and read the next sentence very carefully:

This Course Is All You Need To Succeed

How can I make such a bold claim?

Well, we’re not splitting the atom. We’re not disproving relativity. We’re not demonstrating dark matter.

We’re meeting women, lots of women, and choosing the PERFFECT ONE for you.

And guess what?

This is something men have been doing since the dawn of time!

The process will increase your confidence, and allow you to fine tune your criteria. The hypnosis sessions will blast your inhibitions to smithereens and your quest for the perfect girl will be as automatic as a mission to buy the perfect pair of shoes.

Conscious Training

Girlfriend Generator

The first part is three exhaustive manuals and worksheets that will give you conscious mind a thorough understanding what’s at stake. What you need to do. How to slowly improve yourself. How to figure out what you want. How to look for it. How to find out who’s got it, and who doesn’t.

Imagine that, right now. Your perfect girl. What is she like? What does she like? How does she make you feel? How does she perform in the bedroom? Whatever you can imagine, you can find. And you will find it with this course.

What Do I Get?

  • Build Up Massive Confidence
  • Find Girls With High Levels Of Attraction
  • Create A Harem (If You Want!)
  • Find The One Girl Who Will Love You For Life
  • Disqualify Girls Early
  • Understand What Girls REALLY Want
  • Supercharge Your Social Skills
  • Supercharge Your Conversation Skills
  • Create An Environment Where Girls Are Dying To Date You
  • Only Call Girls That Want You To Call
  • Obliterate Approach Anxietyv
  • Dream Girl Check List
  • Powerful Hypnosis Sessions
  • Be Yourself And Attract Gorgeous Girls
  • Don’t Rely On Tricks Or Manipulation
  • Always Leave Girls Wanting More
  • Never Beg Again
  • Not Dependent On Money
  • Not Dependent On Looks
  • Not Dependent On Physique
  • “Be Yourself” Girlfriend Plan
  • Get Her Begging To Be Your Girlfriend
  • Eight Hours Of Powerful Hypnosis
  • Go At Your Own Pace
  • Skills Translate Into All Areas
  • Naturally Morph Into An Alpha Male
  • Explosive Social Skills
  • World Class Business Skills
  • Super Elite Wealth Building Skills
  • Much, Much More



You may be wondering why or how you’ll get all those skills and benefits. Consider this. Talking to an attractive girl is the most terrifying and difficult thing a guy will ever do. Once you develop the skills to walk up to any girl, anywhere, any time, and get her laughing and giving you her number within five minutes, NOTHING on Earth will seem difficult. NOTHING on Earth will seem frightening. Do this, and everything else will be easy. EVERYTHING.

Of course, if all you had were the training manuals, and the dedication and motivation to slowly and easily go through them until you had world class skills of social confidence and charm, you’d be doing better than 99% of the guys out there.

But you’ll get much more than that.

You’ll also get eight hours of powerful brain programming to destroy all fears, and unlock the natural ladies man within. This will make it easier than ever to sort through all the gorgeous girls out there until you choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Subconscious Programming

Each of these sessions is one hour long. They each contain a combination of cutting edge technology proven to install the powerful beliefs you need in as little time as possible. Your mind will be overwhelmed by 256 voices, speaking at once, to fill your mind with life changing beliefs. A male voice, a female voice, and each speaking in first and second person. The background sounds are specially formulated to lower your mind down to the most open state possible for programming. Since these are designed to make you drowsy, you should NOT drive or operate heavy machinery while listening. The best time to listen is as you fall asleep at night.

Hypnosis Sessions



Powerful Eye Contact

Eye Contact

  • Easy Eye Contact
  • Flirt Like A Champ
  • Seduce Her From Across The Room
  • Create Attraction At A Distance
  • Qualify Her Before Speaking To Her
  • Remove Any Doubt Of Her Interest
  • Get Her Hoping For Your Approach
  • Get Girls Dying To Meet You



Conversation Skills

Conversation  Skills

  • Know What To Say
  • Know When To Bail
  • Feel Confident Talking To Anybody
  • Leave Them Feeling Better Than You Found Them
  • Leave Them Wanting More
  • Talk To Anybody Anywhere Any Time
  • Massive Social Magnetism
  • Unstoppable Social Charisma
  • Extreme Social Confidence



Closing Power


  • Get The Number As Easy As Smiling
  • Easily Ask For Contact Info
  • Make Her Desperate To Say Yes
  • Close Her Without Even Thinking
  • Impress Your Friends
  • Get All The Girls Wishing You Were Talking To Them
  • Know The Best Time To Ask
  • Know Which Girls Are A Waste Of Time BEFORE Asking



Kino Magic


  • Get Her Craving Your Touch
  • Use Touch To Increase Attraction
  • Become That Touchy-Feely Guy Girls LOVE
  • Melt Her Resistance
  • Know When To Touch
  • Know How To Touch
  • Know Where To Touch
  • Instantly Fire Up Her Desire
  • How To Qualify With Touch



Dating Confidence


  • Easily Set Dates
  • Be The Boss Of The Date
  • Get Her Qualifying Herself To You
  • Make Other Girls Jealous
  • She’ll Always Be On Time
  • Eliminate Flakes
  • Leave Her Wanting More
  • Get Her Trying To Impress You
  • Understand Why Dating Is The Ultimate Sorting Tool



Bedroom Confidence


  • Give Her The Power of You
  • Never Be Worried Again
  • Give Her An Experience She’ll Cherish For Life
  • Get Her Melting In Your Arms
  • Rock Her World
  • Get Her To Try Anything
  • Feel Confident Doing Anything
  • Fire Up Her Natural Submissive Nature



Maximum Social Confidence


  • Feel Confident Around All Women
  • See The World As Your Playground
  • Feel Desire From All Women
  • Be The Chooser
  • Blow Away Your Friends
  • See All Women As In Your League
  • Feel Alpha In All Situations



Master Mix

Master Mix

Everything above programming statements mixed in a huge combination of dream girl attracting power. 1792 voices, all speaking at once, filling your deep subconscious with the automatic beliefs and natural behavior you’ll need to attract the absolute perfect girl for you. This is for those who want to boldly fast track your success to wonderful feminine love.


No Stone Unturned

In this course, you get everything. The step by step process of going from where you are now, to having your arms around your dream girl. Every single night. From the self confidence, to building up your criteria, to choosing the one that’s perfect for you.

Get this course now, and say goodbye to your single life. Your lonely life. Your emotionally and sexually unfulfilled life. Never spend another night at the club or anywhere else looking at girls and only wishing.

Choose what kind of girl you want. Build up the confidence and skills. Get her. Make her yours.


Some guys imagine a perfect relationship with the perfect lady. But you’ll get to a stage where you don’t want to settle down. Many guys are surprised that dating several high quality girls at once, is what they REALLY want. If that’s you, that’s fine. Just realize you WILL have to make a choice. Stick with dating several high quality girls at once, or choose that one special lady who gets the reward of you?


Get This Course Now

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Of course, this comes with a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t absolutely convinced this course will show you everything you need to do, from the your deep subconscious all the way up to your daily micro behavior, you’ll get back every penny. No problem, no question, no worries. Get this now, and change your life.


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Kindle Version – $2.99

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Product Summary


  • Conscious Training
  • Step By Step Confidence Building
  • Criteria Generator
  • How To Approach
  • What To Say
  • How To Ask For The Number
  • When To Call
  • How To Deal With Flakes
  • How Many Girls To Date At Once
  • How To Choose The Best One For You
  • How To Disqualify Without Drama
  • How To Keep Track
  • How To Measure Your Progress
  • What To Do When She Wants To Have “That” Talk
  • Inside Assertive Secrets
  • Boundary Protection Power
  • Eight Hours Of Deep Programming
  • Automatic Behavior Change
  • Obliterate All Social Fears
  • Feel Comfortable In Any Social Situation
  • Date Multiple Girls You Want
  • Obliterate Performance Anxiety
  • Easily Transform Into The Alpha Of All Situations
  • Attract Your Dream Girl


$29 Buy Now


Kindle Version – $2.99

(Hypnosis Sessions Not Included)
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