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Uncover the mindsets and structures of prosperity generation. Stop struggling and start building your financial empire. Full audio course. Conscious training, unconscious programming. Understand the structure of prosperity on a logical level. Automatically receive the mindsets and automatic behaviors unconsciously. Start with vague skills and build a life of consistent wealth creation. Learn the power of serving others.

Dear Friend:
Let’s get this out of the way right here, right now.
This course is not magic.
Very powerful, yes.
Filled with training you’ll find nowhere else? Absolutely.
Deep hypnosis programs that will install within you the strategies and behaviors to build your financial empire from the ground up, starting EXACTLY where you are right here, right now? Without a doubt.
But it is NOT magic. You WILL need to participate.
Now, I’m sure realize this. But some people never do. And some people never will.
Snake oil in various forms, has been sold since money was invented, and it will be sold far, far into the future.
People are lazy. People are scared.
If you want anything worthwhile in life, you’ve got to participate. I know it sounds like a great idea to slip on some headphones, listen to some sounds, and then feel your pockets slowly filling with cash.
(I think I even saw that in a movie once.)
But we’re talking about real money. Real wealth. Real prosperity.
If you want to get those, (and I’m sure you do), then you’ve got to participate in life.
And this course will teach you EXACTLY how.

You’ll learn the mindsets needed, the essential skills to cultivate, and the daily practice exercises that will fill you with a positive expectation for your future, and a growing balance in your bank account.
You’ll learn that prosperity is a process. Not a one time magical event.
You’ll ignite that process within and without.
Your life will never be the same.

Why Are Some Rich And Some Poor?

Here’s a secret most rich people don’t want you to know:
They really don’t know how they got rich. They just started doing what they were good at, and then started getting paid. It may have taken them a while, but they got enough positive feedback since they were kids that they just kept going.
But the process that you will learn is the same. Very few people can think themselves rich.
You will learn how.
How to reverse engineer the process. Bring it up to the conscious level. Take it apart like an engine and see how it works.
Then rearrange it so it meets you’re own unique skills, talents and gifts (and you DO have MUCH more of these than you believe!) and drop back where it belongs.
In your vast and powerful unconscious, where magic happens.

Economy Is Tanking

Let’s be honest. Plenty of people are broke today, and many more are getting broker.
And most economists (that aren’t shills for the media or the crooked government) are saying it’s only going to get worse.
Now, if you’re lucky enough to be working for a too-big-to-fail company, you don’t have to worry about any of this.
But I suspect that since you’re still reading this, you’re a bit worried about your financial future.
Not to be harsh, but you should be.
Be afraid, be very afraid.
No, this isn’t a shock copywriting trick to get you scared and desperate enough to buy this.
Just the honest truth. A truth that you likely know.
However, there IS a silver lining. (A HUGE one!)
And that is that by understanding how wealth is created, and more importantly how prosperity is generated, it won’t matter WHAT the economy does.
Because people have needs. People will ALWAYS have needs. Unlimited needs. Never ending needs. And that path to ever growing prosperity is to find a way to satisfy them.
Getting rich isn’t about being selfish, as many believe.
Getting rich is about serving others. Giving them what they want FIRST, and then getting paid.
A lot.
And in this course, you’ll learn just how to do that.
And let’s be really honest. Most people don’t know what’s coming. Most people aren’t going to know what to do when it does. Most people are too scared, too frightened to take action.
The world NEEDS people like you.
People to show them the way. To show how to detach from “the system” and create prosperity on their own.
Never in the history of life on Earth has it been so easy (crappy economy or not) to get in the game. To connect with people across the globe. To find needs, and fill them.
No matter what your skills are. Even if you think you don’t have any.
I know you do. And deep down, YOU know you do as well.

What Does This Course Include?

A three part audio training program to ignite your own personal prosperity engine. To leverage the ancient structure within you that was put there for one purpose, and one purpose only: Generate Prosperity.
The purpose of your life is to create prosperity in your own way.
In this course, you’ll learn how.

Course Overview


Part One – Coaching Session

  • What Is Money
  • What Is Wealth
  • What Is Prosperity
  • What Are The Mindsets That Generate Prosperity
  • What Is The Strategy That Generates Prosperity
  • What Are The Behavior Characteristics To Generate Prosperity
  • What Is The Essential Element Missing – The Secret Ingredient
  • How To Get Out More Than You Put In
  • The Self-Sustaining Prosperity Machine
  • Why Most Financial Success Is Unconscious And Not Understood
  • How To Reverse Engineer The Prosperity Structure</li>
  • Why Investing In Yourself Is Crucial
  • Why Everybody Wants You To Succeed – Even If They Don’t Know It
  • The Truth About Ben Franklin’s Famous Statement About Wealth – And Why Almost Everybody Misunderstands It
  • How To Fire Off Your Subconscious Wealth Trigger
  • Your Day To Day Guide To Compounded Success
  • The Crucial Mistake To Avoid


Part Two – Guided Session

You’ll be guided to practice the absolutely most essential element of prosperity. Without this one skill, you will have to rely on luck, and other people. When you master this one process, you’ll generate that self sustaining engine of wealth generating love that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
A powerful inner mental-exercise with a metaphorical time-fade to take little bit of the present, place it out in the future. Where it will grow exponentially. Once you’ve got this down you’ll never look back.

  • Build Your Future
  • Connect With Your Future Prosperity Selves
  • How To Take Energy Now and Expand It In The Future
  • How To Set Off A Chain Of Growing Events
  • How To Live For The Future
  • A Prosperity Generating Exercise
  • Create A Prosperity Connection To Your Future Selves


Part Three – Dual Induction Session

One reason many people fail any endeavor is they wish instead of choose. Wishing requires other people to give you stuff. Choosing fires off a seemingly magical switch in your subconscious that gets you doing what needs to be done.
In this session, you’ll take a strong wish for prosperity, along with an idea of how you’d like to create it (based on your interests and your skills), and turn it into a strong choice with relentless unconscious drive toward success.
You’ll hear two voices talking in either hemispheres of your brain. One side is for your conscious mind, and installs the behaviors and mindsets needed. The other side is a rich metaphorical story of a young artist who discovers fame and fortune through hard work, practice, and dedication to his craft.

  • Turn Wishes Into A Choices
  • Get Subconscious Assistance
  • Program The Required Mindsets In On A Deep Level
  • Program The Necessary Behaviors
  • Get Started With Zero Skills
  • How To Discover Your Own Skills
  • Metaphorical Journey To Riches
  • Generate A Relentless Burning Desire
  • Tap Your Ancient Powers Of Creation


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This course will give you the structure of prosperity. You’ll learn the mindsets and behavioral skills needed. And you’ll get two powerful hypnosis sessions that will install these deep within you.
Get this course now, and take charge of your life.

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Release your dependence on others for your success. Create the life you want based on your own unique skills, talents and abilities. Learn how serving others is the fastest way to abundances, riches, and endless prosperity.

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Try this training and hypnosis for two full months. If you aren’t absolutely satisfied for any reason, you’ll receive a full refund, no questions, no problem. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The World is waiting. Start creating today.


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