Self Confidence Generator

Leave Anxiety Behind and Easily Move Forward Without Hesitation

Dear Friend,
The one thing that makes or breaks any action is your confidence. Remember those times when you felt really confident, like you could do anything?
That’s because you could do anything.
Your subconscious looked out into the world, and said, “Yep!”
And it was easy.
Other times, not so much. Maybe you were worried about the outcome. Maybe you were doing something that you’d never done before.

How To Build Self Confidence?

Traditional wisdom tells us that we have to do something several times before we feel confident.
Traditional wisdom tells us that self confidence is deeply rooted in our “self image” and “self esteem.”
Traditional wisdom tells us that self confidence only comes when the stars are aligned, your buddies have your back, and you’ve got a thick wad of bills in your pocket.
Luckily, “Traditional Wisdom” is bunk. Nonsense. Academic hogwash.
I’m sure you know that cheesy old quote, “If you think you can, you’re right,” right?
That’s all self confidence boils down to.
It works like this. You see something you’d like. You gotta take action to get it.
Maybe it’s a new job. Maybe it’s the phone number of that super-cutie across the room. Maybe it’s playing an instrument or song in front of a bunch of people you’ve never met before. Or giving a speech. Or any of a billion other things you’d like.

Action Is Everything

Whatever it is, you gotta take action to get it.
What comes next will make or break your self confidence.
Your lightning quick, super-genius subconscious looks out into the imagined future, and guesses what might happen.
If it looks good, you’ll feel plenty confident, and away you go.
If it doesn’t look good. You stay there. Maybe cursing your lack of guts. Maybe cursing your childhood. Maybe cursing the shirt you chose to wear on that particular day.
But here’s the really good news:
You can easily train your brain to feel massive amounts of self confidence pretty much anywhere.
And this course will teach you how.

What Do I Get?


Conscious Training

This audio coaching session will dig deep into the details of how self confidence is generated (or isn’t generated) and give you the inside dope on how to create massive visions for your life. You’ll learn that the easiest way to jack up your mojo to pulse quickening levels is to have a strong underlying reason for everything you do.
Most people don’t. Most people bounce around. Being told what to do, and hoping to stay out of trouble. Then suddenly a situation pops up, and they don’t know how to handle it. Sure, they’d like to get something nice, but they suddenly feel like their shoes are glued to the floor.
Not You.
You’ll learn how to quickly categorize ANY situation you come across, and how to feel the magnetic pull of automatic power pulling you forward.
This’ll quickly generate as much self-love as you need to waltz right into what you want.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Audio Coaching Summary

  • Inside Secrets of Confidence
  • Vision Building Magic
  • Automatic Propulsion System of Success
  • Four Quadrants of Action
  • How To Magnify Future Positives
  • How To Minimize Future Negatives
  • Why Your Future Belongs To You
  • Why Confidence Is Easy To Create
  • How Create Magnetic Love Bombs Out In Your Future
  • Much, Much More


Unconscious Programming – Light Level Trance

This guided hypnosis session will take you step by step through the vision creating process, where you’ll choose one area of life and build up your ideal dream future. This will become your magnetic purpose, so that any time you come across any situation related to this area of life, you’ll automatically feel charged up with automatic success power, propelling you and pulling you forward with fearless motivation.
Not only that, but you’ll also train your brain to automatically maximize any future positives in any situation, and turn all your fears, worries, and anxieties into forgotten balls of shrinking dust off the side of your mind.
You’ll construct a three way love-fest between you, your dream vision, and any situation you encounter along the way. Once you’ve built this structure into your brain, they’ll be no stopping you!
For best results, listen at least once for every area of life.

Unconscious Programming – Deep Level Trance

This dual induction session will take you on a deep journey through your inner mind. One side of your brain will be lead through a step by step process by which you’ll dig through your own personal history and find your own deep structure of confidence, and spread this through all future actions.
The other side of your brain will be immersed in a metaphorical journey of a traveler courageously going through unknown territory to a magical castle up in a mystical mountain range.
This hemispherical combination of mind weaving stories and personal change work will turn your life into a conquest of unlimited glory and success.
For best results, listen at least once for each area of life.

Take Charge Of Your Life

Train your brain to easily go into any situation and take control. Take what you want from life. Never feel fear or anxiety again. Get your comprehensive course now.

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Confidence Is Essential

Let’s be honest. No matter how skilled, smart, or experienced you are, if you feel like you can, you won’t.
And let’s REALLY be honest. There’s plenty of goofs out there who ONLY have oodles of self-confidence and life hands them everything they ask for, on a silver platter. (That’s why they’re called Confidence Men!)
That’s the real secret. With enough of this magical self-love, you don’t need much else.
If you believe you can, so will everybody else. If you walk in like you own the place, people will assume you do.
If you walk the Earth like you’re on a mission of endless glory, people will gladly give you everything you need.

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Product Summary

  • Secrets of Action
  • Secrets of Thought
  • How To Re-Imagine Your Future
  • Your Own Personal Vision For Life
  • Turn Your Life Into A Conquest Of Glory
  • Live The Hero’s Journey
  • Better Relationships
  • Increased Income
  • Vastly Improved Skills
  • Life Vision Generator
  • Future Positive Generator
  • Future Negative Eliminator
  • Guided Hypnosis Session
  • Dual Induction Hypnosis Session
  • Audio Coaching Session
  • Live On Purpose
  • Much, Much More


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Give these powerful listening sessions a try. If they don’t fill you with more self confidence to get you what you want, you’ll get a no problem, no question, no hard feelings refund. Get yours now.


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