Three Free Hours of Hypnosis For Automatic Self Confidence

Soothing sounds for automatic positive thinking!




Cutting Edge Hypnosis Technology

No matter what you want to do with your life, generating more self confidence will help.
Sales, seduction, personal development, writing, being creative, self confidence makes everything easier.
But self confidence is not only hard to get, but it’s hard to define. Ask ten people what confidence is, and you’ll get ten different answers. Most would agree, though, that it boils down to what you THINK about yourself.
What you believe.
After all, if you believe something is easy, then it will be easy.
If you believe something is hard, then it will be hard.
Self confidence gives you the power to automatically believe it WILL be easy, even if you’re in uncharted territory.
On a basic level, this makes perfect sense. But for most of us, believing it will be easy means we can remember a time when it WAS easy.
And if it’s always been hard, (no matter what “IT” is), it seems logical that will always be hard.
After all, our beliefs are made up of our experiences. If you’ve NEVER experienced much success, then it’s hard to get that self confidence that comes from having success.
This is true if you’re playing the violin or speaking in front of a huge crowds of potential customers.
Up until now, the ONLY way to get those self supporting beliefs that make everything easy is to simply act in spite of your fear, and force yourself into those situations through sheer will power alone.
If you do this enough, then pretty soon it will get easier and easier. This is certainly one way how to be more confident. Before long, you’ll naturally build self confidence doing what used to be terrifying.
But here’s a secret: I’m a pretty lazy guy. I don’t want to give speech after speech, or talk to girl after girl, trembling inside all the while.
I want the good stuff. I want to feel good NOW, not later.

Self Confidence… Right Now!

And guess what? I’ve figured out a way! (funny how being lazy can be the best motivator lol!) Combining several different kinds of mind technologies, I’ve come up with a unique form of hypnosis that quickly eliminates fear and replaces it with the self belief you want. Not a year from now, or a month from now, but NOW.

Right The F*** Now!

It’s a combination of NLP, Milton Model Hypnosis, mind altering theta brainwaves and full mind hemispheric conditioning.
When combined together, it WILL give you the mind of a winner. The deep and supportive beliefs that tell you…

…You Can Do Anything!


Conscious Mind Overwhelm – One Hour To Power


This experimental hypnosis combination of Milton Model suggestions, brainwave entrainment, combined with male and female, first and second person overwhelm will literally blast away all negative beliefs and fill you with the rock solid realization that you can do anything!




But Wait! There’s More!


Five More Hypnosis Files – 30 Min Each

As you well know, there’re plenty of areas in life to gain more self confidence, and get more results, so what you’re getting today is just the tip of the iceberg.
After spending a few months tapping the success of my private clients, about what they wanted and achieved most, the top things in life they were finally able to accomplish WITHOUT FEAR, I’ve noticed five common areas. Often times self confidence isn’t so good unless it’s for something specific. Many times people feel plenty of good mojo while cooking, but extremely low levels while talking to attractive and interesting people.

Which Five Areas Of Self Confidence?

For of these you’ll get a thirty minute, advanced mind protocol that will put you into a nice, relaxed state of hypnosis so you can lazily drift off while those old fears vanish like wisps of smoke.
They’ll be replaced by life affirming feelings and positive thinking and beliefs in yourself and your abilities.

Each one of these brain bending hypnosis files is a full 30 minutes in length, and will quickly bring you down into a deep, comfortable level of trance. All you’ve got to do is relax, and let the hypnotic suggestions transform you into an outgoing, powerfully magnetic communicator!

  • Obliterate Social Awkwardness – Easily walk into any situation, any time, and never feel self conscious again!
  • Speak Fearlessly – Speak your mind without fear, and without worrying what others think.
  • Self Esteem Boost – Believe and appreciate yourself no matter what you do, where you go, or who you speak with!
  • Destroy Social Anxiety – Feel absolutely and completely at home and comfortable even if you are at the center of attention!
  • Conversational Magnetism – With your new found confidence, you’ll be able to mesmerize entire crowds and have them hanging on the edge of their seat, completely mesmerized by you!


How Do I Use These?

Use these in any order, for any length of time. Apply them to your life, and watch EVERYTHING suddenly become easier.
Simply slip on a pair of headphones, and let the sounds do the rest. Each file is thirty minutes of mind bending hypnosis and binaural technology that will literally change your life.
Why am I not charging one single penny for these?
I know how terrible it feels to be locked in place by your own feelings and limiting beliefs.
I also know how incredibly liberating it feels to look out into the world and think to yourself, “Yea, I can DO this…”
So I’m offering this MEGA PACK of hypnosis sessions, free of charge.
I COULD be charging hundreds of dollars for each and every one. And people would GLADLY pay it. After all, just increasing your self confidence in one area of life would easily be worth TEN TIMES that amount.
But these six files (totaling three and a half hours of total of mind bending technology), designed to give you absolute control of your life, your income, and your destiny…
self confidence



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