Unleash Your Natural Gifts With The Powerful Tools Of Hypnosis and Mind Programming


I purchased the Lifetime Access and I’m really satisfied of having done so magnificently ! I found an incredible vastness of useful audio sessions that are helping me a lot since I started using them. Also you have access to the forum mindpersuasion.net full of other amazing stuff and lots of friendly people! I highly recommend everyone to buy it because you will not regret it! Really, this product is amazing . If you decide to buy it I assure you that you will be fully satisfied with your choice! I wish you a resplendent life!
-Roberto Marini


I am so pleased and grateful to have found such a wonderful resource. From manifesting luck, health and multiple talents. It is both a potent and diverse personal development tool. The Mind Persuasion forums and blogs is a great community of intellectuals who have offered such valuable tips about the process of reprogramming the subconscious. The Lifetime Access has been the best buy in my entire life; most definitely worth the price! Go ahead and open the door to manifesting!


WOW! What can I say. Becoming a member of Mind Persuasion was one of my best decisions. At first, I was skeptical about results because I have used many hypnosis and.or subliminal programs in the past for a a variety of changes I wanted to make. Each time I listen to any of these, within a one or few days results have occurred such as receiving payments through my business (one was for $1500!), men taking me on romantic dates and giving me gifts (this happened twice in the same week with two different men!), men coming out of the woodwork expressing interest in, people complimenting me on my appearance and much more. Highly recommended!


I just feel amazing. I had been struggling with depression for quite some time recently and it seems all feelings of uncertainty and insecurity have just been washed out of me. It’s hard to explain.
I was having problems with my relationship. My girlfriend seemed like she was losing interest, I was failing Statistics, struggling to complete college thesis essays and now its the opposite. My girlfriend can’t get enough of me, she always wants sex, I have a B in Stat, I just finished all my papers WEEKS before they were due. I feel superhuman it is hard to describe.
Thank you so much!


Loving the videos George. I downloaded Sacral Chakra, subliminal women magnet, sex magnet and sex magnet brain bomb videos and listened to them on loop throughout the night for 1 week before my Thailand trip. Got laid 2 times in 5 days with very good looking women [mind you this was after a looong dry spell]. I had a lot of approach anxiety and these videos really helped me in initiating conversations with women and it was so much fun. Also, in bed I felt completely in control and never went flaccid once. I’m so happy all this feels like a dream.


Since I been listening to these videos my mind set has changed so much I cannot express, when I start to feel down I listen to the positive one and I feel better. What other say does not matter anymore I feel great about myself most of the times. George is doing an amazing job, bless him.


So I’ve been listening and experimenting with George’s videos for almost a year. Some of the crazy experiences I had include but are not limited to:

Manifesting 400 bucks out of nowhere for a great laptop
Instantly manifesting my professor in front of me when I needed him (No, seriously. I thought I needed to meet him and a minute later he shows up in the least expected place).
Copying Dance moves with perfect accuracy, so much so that the dance instructor was impressed ( I was a terrible dancer)
I didn’t have any confidence in me, and it went to women hitting on me and dating abundance (though I haven’t found the right one.).
Women staring at my Godly… looks? (I thought I was a perfectly average looking dude until these videos!)
Super Acting talents. To the point where I would be on stage, mess up a bit and people would go WOAH, HE’S GREAT. I CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM!
Unbreakable frame and super social confidence in many situations
Fearlessness and overall badassery when needed


Immediately after listening to this hypnosis section It became easier to take action with less hesitation.
For example, I just got a freelance deal for about $250 after 2days of listening to this section. Whether or not it’s coincidental or not to me is irrelevant.
My mindset changed to creating and seeking more opportunities.
In example, I have a few money making ideas that now seem very practical to do. I am excited to see what sort of results I can achieve with continuous use.
Got an increase of motivation to launch a website design site 😉
Ordered business cards, host, domain name and all that is left to do is tweak the site!
This is my new site:
Got a business client for my web design business through my mentors at my academy!
Worth almost $1,000 job!
-Jerry MP


Recently, I have been using the Approval Free video and have been noticing great changes. Particularly with people that seem to think one thing about me that happens to be not true at all. It has helped me not care what other people think, which restrains so many. This video has helped me feel more confident and free. Now whenever someone says something stupid or something about me that isn’t true, I just laugh at it and shake it off so easily.


Well last week, things took a solid turn. I hadn’t noticed any changes in myself. At least nothing seemed noticeable. I didn’t get a new hair cut, didn’t lose any additional weight, didn’t all of a sudden fall into money. Nothing. But all of a sudden girls -like beautiful, high quality women have been giving me the once over, approaching me, and asking for my number.
THREE gorgeous servers at my local watering hole have all come up to me at some point and introduced themselves and suggested getting together outside of the bar. Pretty powerful.
The kick is, I’m a gay female and most of these women are definitely straight, some with boyfriends.
I’ve always been pretty outgoing, confident and friendly but these videos seem to have unleashed something primal in me that’s making these women either confess their attraction or blatantly ask me out.
Kinda nice feeling, just wanted to share 😀
Can’t wait to see what happens when I start with the money magnet stuff.
-January Flower


Dear Friend:
You know you can easily get more out of life.
You also know you’re not even coming close to achieving your potential.
Your life is a path of discovery. A discovery of who you are, and what you are capable of. Not only of what you can achieve, but what you can offer to the world. Not only how much you can enrich yourself, but all of those around you.
You are a never ending story of achievement, discovery and continued success.
Building that life is like building a beautiful and comfortable home for you and your family. It’s a lot easier when you use the right tools.
Below you’ll find a growing list of easily affordable products designed to give you the tools, skills, and hypnotic money mindset that will make everything much easier and more enjoyable.


Maximum Social Confidence

  • Obliterate Social Anxiety
  • Complete Confidence Everywhere
  • Fearless Communication Skills
  • Three Levels of Hypnosis
  • Significant Increase In Magnetism
  • Irressistibly Attractive
  • Twenty Four Hours of Subliminal Programming

Interpersonal Resonance

  • Complete Communication Course
  • Over Twenty Mental Exercises
  • Iron Inner and Outer Game
  • Get Them Begging To Help You
  • Easy Approach System
  • Significant Income Improvement
  • Fifteen Hours of Subliminal Programming


Alpha Male

  • Approach Machine
  • Massive Confidence
  • Language Master
  • Unconscious Seduction
  • Girls Seduce You
  • Magnetic Social Skills
  • Eight Hours Of Subliminals

Alpha Female

  • Ultimate Self Confidence
  • Gorgeousness Generator
  • All Men Love You
  • Unbreakable Boundaries
  • Powerful Self Love
  • Ideal Career
  • Eight Hours Of Subliminals

Fitness Accelerator

  • Love Exercise
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Natural Eating
  • Flexible Body
  • Turbo Metabolism
  • Healthy Life
  • Eight Hours Of Subliminals

Goals For Life

  • Complete Video Training
  • Maintain Present Positives
  • End Self Sabotage
  • Maximized Motivation
  • Define Your Life
  • Push-Pull System
  • Subconscious Programming

Income Generator

  • Develop Wealth Intuition
  • Accelerate LOA
  • Skyrocket Creativity
  • Easily Find Business Partners
  • Online or Offline
  • Lifetime Of Riches
  • Eight Hours Of Subliminals

Charisma Generator

  • Turbo Charge Social Charm
  • Effortlessly Attract Others
  • Powerful Frame Control
  • Slow Natural Movements
  • Win All Arguments
  • Gender Neutral
  • Become A Social Magnet

Emotional Freedom

  • Blast Away Inhibitions
  • Obliterate Past Trauma
  • Overcome All Fears
  • Training and Hypnosis

Girlfriend Generator

  • Step by Step System
  • Attract Your Dream Girl
  • Magnetic Social Confidence
  • Inner Game Hypnosis


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