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I personally love the quality and depth of information George puts out. A person could, you know, learn secrets to not just survive but thrive in this life. When you listen to George’s meditation, then your subconscious gets reprogrammed and your goals and aspirations easily and automatically come to be. I wouldn’t tell you to buy everything George offers because you can see for yourself how well he knows his stuff.
-T. Oliver


-Vladimir Astra

Massive Potential

You are a wealth creating machine. Mother Nature has been busily programming the DNA of humanity since the dawn of time to create more wealth.

Wealth, of course, is not money. It’s things. Tools. Equipment. Art. Music. Science. Things that make our society something to live in. Something to enjoy.

Things you are capable of creating.

Since the dawn of time, men and women have been increasing our wealth generating capabilities. One quick look through our past history shows this.

New developments in science, art, medicine, and even the very nature of society itself show this to be true.

You know on a deep level, you are destined for much more than you’ve realized.

You recognized this as you look around you. You feel you are achieving much less than your potential.

And you’re right.


What’s Stopping You?

Wealth Hypnosis

The sad truth is that most of us never get close to what we’re really capable of.

You know this.

You feel this.

Yet, there a few people in every society who continuously outperform, out achieve, and and flat out earn more than the rest of us.

Are they smarter than you?

They are not.

Are they more educated than you?

Most likely, they are not.

Are they more motivated than you?

They are not.

Do they have more opportunities than you?

They do not.


Your Beliefs Hold The Secret

You’ve been lied to your whole life. They’ve told you that you weren’t good enough. They said you weren’t smart enough. They said you needed more education.

Guess what?

They were wrong.


Those that achieve the greatest amount of wealth do it simply because they believe they can.

And you know this on a deep level.

Most people struggle, and they tell themselves they’ll “believe it when they see it.”

But you know that’s not quite right. You know that often times, belief comes before reality.

You’ve had enough experiences in your life to show you that before you see it in the outer world, it’s got to exist in the inner world.

Your inner world.

Some of those times have been hard to recognize. Easy to overlook.

But when you look deep inside, you know this is the difference between those who consistently achieve wealth, and those who consistently make excuses. Wait for “our turn.” Wait for somebody to hold us by the hand, and tell us exactly what to do.


The Road Less Traveled

You know better. You know that those that consistently create wealth, not just for themselves but for society, know that nothing is guaranteed. They don’t always succeed, and they don’t always know what they’re doing.

But they believe that if they keep moving forward, keep trying, keep learning, they’ll eventually succeed.

And so will you.

The first step is to remove those limiting beliefs. Those false beliefs that seem like they’re part of you, but are in reality only holding you back. Those beliefs that say things like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I’ll never succeed,” or “I could never do THAT!

The truth is that you WILL succeed, you ARE good enough, and you most certainly COULD do that.

And I want to help you. Not just me, but the world wants you to succeed.



Selfless Wealth Generation

Because as you’ll learn in this course, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to create wealth, real wealth, without helping other people first.

See, the real truth is that EVERYBODY wants you to succeed. I do. You do. The World does.

That’s why this two part course was created.

Part One

An overview of what wealth really is. How it’s created. Why it’s in your DNA to consistently make more and more wealth as you move through this life. Why once you understand the truth, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE.

The TRUTH about wealth they’ve been keeping from you. The information, paradigms and thoughts you’ll need to succeed.

Part one is for your conscious understanding. But you know this isn’t enough. That’s why what comes next will install these ideas on a deep, unconscious, and automatic level.

Part Two

The second part is a fine tuned hypnosis session utilizing various technologies of traditional hypnosis, hypnotic metaphors, and brainwave entrainment not only DESTROY those limiting beliefs on a deep level, but to unconsciously install new, wealth generating behaviors.


Install Unstoppable Success

The first session is twenty minutes. A basic overview, listen as often as you like, whenever you like.

The second session is meant to be listened to with your eyes closed, sitting back in a relaxed, comfortable position.

Taken together, the two will install within you the foundations you need to create a life filled with success, happiness and consistent achievement.

Naturally, the more often you listen, the more results you’ll see.

Many people have found that listening several times to install a collection of beliefs is enough to significantly change your behavior, giving you more income and wealth than you ever thought possible.

This course comes with full, sixty day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk.


For only $9.00, you’ll fast track your mind to wealth and prosperity.

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