The Power Of Now – Maximize And Appreciate Every Precious Moment

Instructions: Create any visualization where you are at the center of everything. Freeze time in your mind, and crate an image of pure appreciation. Imagine you are in the center of the universe, and all time has stopped, and all energy is flowing towards you. See yourself going through your daily activities, but in incredibly slow motion and appreciating all the sights, sounds, smells, etc. Listen with eyes closed while relaxed. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Check out our other Personal Development Mind Tools.

The Power Of Now

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Subliminal Messages

I make every minute count

I make every day count

I make every conversation count

I make every moment count

I enjoy every day

I enjoy every conversation

I enjoy every relationship

I appreciate every moment

I appreciate every day

I appreciate every conversation

I appreciate every relationship

I make the most of my time

I make the most of my days

I make the most of my relationships

now is the only time

it is always now

I love the now

I appreciate the now

I respect the now

I thrive in the now

I live in the now

I appreciate every interaction

I enjoy every interaction

I enjoy people

I appreciate people

I enjoy strangers

I appreciate strangers

I enjoy my relationships

I appreciate my relationships

I enjoy my family

I appreciate my family

I let people know I appreciate them

I let people know I love them

I express my appreciation

I accept my appreciation

I express my love

I accept my love

I appreciate every breath

I appreciate every feeling

I appreciate myself

I love myself

I respect myself

I enjoy myself

I enjoy life

I love life

I appreciate life

You make every minute count

You make every day count

You make every conversation count

You make every moment count

You enjoy every day

You enjoy every conversation

You enjoy every relationship

You appreciate every moment

You appreciate every day

You appreciate every conversation

You appreciate every relationship

You make the most of your time

You make the most of your days

You make the most of your relationships

now is the only time

it is always now

You love the now

You appreciate the now

You respect the now

You thrive in the now

You live in the now

You appreciate every interaction

You enjoy every interaction

You enjoy people

You appreciate people

You enjoy strangers

You appreciate strangers

You enjoy your relationships

You appreciate your relationships

You enjoy your family

You appreciate your family

You let people know You appreciate them

You let people know You love them

You express your appreciation

You accept your appreciation

You express your love

You accept your love

You appreciate every breath

You appreciate every feeling

You appreciate yourself

You love yourself

You respect yourself

You enjoy yourself

You enjoy life

You love life

You appreciate life