Rich and Powerful – Unlimited Wealth and World Domination Are Yours

Instructions: Visualize yourself sitting on a huge throne on top of piles of gold. See the world leaders on their knees, prostrate before you. Imagine walking the earth with a swirl of magic money energy following you everywhere you go. Imagine standing up and the entire room becoming silent as they also stand in respect. For best results, use in conjunction with The Income Stream Generator Program. Listen with headphones and eyes closed for best results. Do not listen while operating heavy machinery or driving.

Rich Powerful

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Subliminal Messages

I am rich

I am powerful

I am wealthy

I am important

I am respected

I am in demand

my fortunes increase every day

my riches increase every day

I own many businesses

I enjoy many income streams

I have unlimited power

I have ultimate power

I have amazing power

I dominate the world

I dominate society

I dominate kingdoms

I dominate countries

I own kingdoms

I own countries

I have unlimited wealth

I have unlimited riches

I enjoy unlimited prosperity

I have unlimited power

I have unlimited domination

I have unlimited control

You are rich

You are powerful

You are wealthy

You are important

You are respected

You are in demand

your fortunes increase every day

your riches increase every day

You own many businesses

You enjoy many income streams

You have unlimited power

You have ultimate power

You have amazing power

You dominate the world

You dominate society

You dominate kingdoms

You dominate countries

You own kingdoms

You own countries

You have unlimited wealth

You have unlimited riches

You enjoy unlimited prosperity

You have unlimited power

You have unlimited domination

You have unlimited control