The Power Of Now – Maximize And Appreciate Every Precious Moment

The Power Of Now

Instructions: Create any visualization where you are at the center of everything. Freeze time in your mind, and crate an image of pure appreciation. Imagine you are in the center of the universe, and all time has stopped, and all energy is flowing towards you. See yourself going through your daily activities, but in incredibly […]

Lucid Dreams – Program Your Mind To Play While You Sleep

Lucid Dreams

Instructions: For best results, listen with eyes closed, just before going to sleep. Give yourself a strong intention of being aware when you dream. Create a trigger word or phrase, such as, “this is a dream” to say to yourself when you know you’re in dreamland. Practice by asking this of yourself several times a […]

Gamma – 40Hz Binaural Beats For Intense Focus, Concentration And Cognitive Improvement


Instructions: For best results, listen with headphones while studying, reading any complex material, or doing anything where you’d like to have enhanced cognitive ability. Listen daily for one month for additional results (see below). Also use to decrease headache pain, stress and anxiety. Check out our other Mind Tools. If you like this, please share!
Click […]

Turbo Charge Metabolism – Blast Away Belly Fat – Get A Six Pack

Six Pack Abs

Instructions: Visualize yourself with your six pack, both in first and third person. See yourself in the mirror. Feel how loose your clothes feel. See yourself with your six pack, and notice how everybody responds to you, both men and women. Notice how they admire you when you lift up your shirt and show off […]

Super Human Intelligence – Unlock Your Inner Genius – Develop Your Super Brain

Super Human Intelligence

Instructions: Visualize anything that represents you demonstrating your intellectual capabilities. Solving complicated problems while scientists look on in awe. Writing complicate equations on a chalkboard while world leaders look on with respect. Working behind a vast computer control console in charge of history changing equipment. Best used in conjunction with the Intelligence Accelerator Training Course. […]

Male Model – Develop Head Turning Looks and Generate Irresistible Desire In Others

Male Model

Instructions: Visualize a situation where you walk into a room and everybody stops what they are doing and stares at your stunning beauty. Or, visualize yourself with your male supermodel body, either in the mirror, on the runway, or simply walking around with your shirt off and stunning everybody within view. Physical attraction is the […]

Alpha Male Charisma – Let Loose Your Animal Magnetism

Alpha Male Charisma

Instructions: Imagine any situation where you’d like to be more charismatic and magnetic. See yourself acting how you’d like to act. See the facial expressions and body language of others as they respond to your irresistible attraction. One thing that can help is watch a short movie scene (5-10 minutes) of a character acting the […]

Income Instinct – Develop A Sixth Sense For Money, Prosperity, and Wealth

Income Instinct

Instructions: Imagine a river of wealth flowing through to you. Imagine opening strange doors and finding money. Imagine walking down strange streets, turning into strange buildings, and finding income opportunities. Imagine happy exchanges where you perform some kind of service, or deliver some kind of product, and happy people give you money in exchange. Important: […]

Maximum Confidence – Blast Away Inhibitions And Dominate The World

Maximum Confidence

Instructions: Visualize any situation where you’d like to be much more confident and in control of your emotions. See the situation from several different perspectives. See how people respond to you, how you behave. Notice your body language, facial expressions and gestures. Notice how people are attracted to you with eyes of amazed attention and […]

Inner Peace – Release Conflict – Sync to Super Conscious Mind

Inner Peace

Instructions: Visualize any scene that represents perfect peace and tranquility. OR, simply pay close attention to the feelings in your body, or your emotions, free from labels or names. Feel the energy beneath your feelings, the raw, eternal energy of life that is the same energy found throughout time and throughout the universe. For best […]