Spiritual Cleansing – Remove Entities, Limiting Beliefs and Psychological Parasites

Spiritual Cleansing

Instructions: Visualize yourself being cleansed by the purist entity, according to your belief system. Imagine they are filling you from within with pure white light, and as you exhale, all evil entities, negative beliefs, psychological parasites, bad memories, etc., are purged from your system. Best listened to with closed eyes in an upright position. Focus […]

Money Intelligence – Blast Away Money Fears and Become A Money Genius

Money Intelligence

Instructions: Visualize yourself being debt free. Imagine getting a call from your creditors saying all your debts are gone. Imagine the money piling up in your bank account. See a picture of yourself balancing your budget at the end of the month and finding extra cash. See yourself learning new skills that will get you […]

Real Estate Riches – Make Your Fortune Regardless Of The Economy

Real Estate Riches

Instructions: Visualize the ideal real estate transaction. Imagine the perfect customer who can’t wait to buy. Imagine getting more hot leads than you can imagine. Imagine hearing your phone blowing up with all kinds of desperate buyers and sellers. See your bank account grow before your eyes. For best results, use in conjunction with The […]

World Famous Actor – Become In Demand, Famous, and Dominate Hollywood

World Famous Actor

Instructions: Visualize yourself in any situation which is proof of your being an actor. See yourself on a movie set, receiving an award, or having a meeting with producers and directors. See yourself from within your own eyes, and from the eyes of others, especially your fans. Choose a scene from your favorite movie and […]

Rich and Powerful – Unlimited Wealth and World Domination Are Yours

Rich Powerful

Instructions: Visualize yourself sitting on a huge throne on top of piles of gold. See the world leaders on their knees, prostrate before you. Imagine walking the earth with a swirl of magic money energy following you everywhere you go. Imagine standing up and the entire room becoming silent as they also stand in respect. […]

Win Every Competition – Achieve Resounding Victory – Never Lose Again

Win Every Competition

Instructions: Create several visualizations for any upcoming competition. See yourself performing perfectly, feeling that flow energy as you do so. See yourself from your opponent’s eyes and feel intimidation and doubt. See yourself from the eyes of the spectators, and feel emotions of awe and wonder. Create another set of visualizations of you being given […]

Consistent Improvement In All Areas Of Life – Every Day In Every Way You Get Better And Better

Daily Improvement

Instructions: Choose one skill or behavior you’d like to improve. Create several pictures of you doing it better and better, further and further out into the future. Imagine you are slowly floating forward over your time line and seeing yourself continuously improving. Best used with eyes closed in a relaxing position and location. Do not […]

Perfect Teeth – Develop A Perfect Attractive Smile With Subliminal Power

Perfect Teeth

Instructions: Imagine having the perfect smile. Imagine looking in the mirror and see the perfect smiling you looking back. Imagine walking through crowds and creating massive amounts of attraction and desire in others for you because of your magnificent smile. Listen with eyes closed in a relaxing place. Do not listen while driving or operating […]

Alpha Female – All Men Want You – All Women Want To Be You

Alpha Female

Instructions: Visualize yourself in the middle of a large social setting with many people. First see the situation from your own eyes. Notice that all the men are watching you with great desire, and all the women are watching you with great admiration. See yourself from their eyes, feeling both envy and admiration. For best […]

Unlimited Efficiency and Productivity – Finish Your Work Quickly And Perfectly

Infinite Efficiency

Instructions: Visualize yourself at work, or doing any complicated task, with lightning fast speed and perfect accuracy. See from your own eyes how incredibly easy and simple everything is. See yourself from the eyes of others and wonder in sheer amazement at your incredible efficiency. Best listened to while relaxed with eyes closed. Do not […]